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Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Charlie McDermott

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A middle-class, American heartland family of five tries to keep its head above water as they go through life’s ups and downs.
  • The Core Group
    Episode 1 - 21 mins
    Frankie and Mike discover the love of Axl's life has a quirky personality trait.
  • A Tough Pill to Swallow
    Episode 2 - 21 mins
    Frankie tries to teach Brick how to swallow a pill.
  • Halloween VII: The Heckoning
    Episode 3 - 21 mins
    Frankie learns that the kids would choose to live with Mike if the two of them divorced.
  • True Grit
    Episode 4 - 21 mins
    Sue asks Axl for advice on how to break up with her boyfriend; Brick tries to fit in at school.
  • Roadkill
    Episode 5 - 21 mins
    Frankie and Mike feel anxious about Brick learning to drive; Sue learns something from Frankie.
  • Thanksgiving VIII
    Episode 6 - 21 mins
    Having decided April isn't good enough for Axl, Frankie works to keep her out of the family photo.
  • Look Who's Not Talking
    Episode 7 - 21 mins
    Frankie finds a discount store that sells oddly shaped produce; Brad visits Sue at college.
  • Trip and Fall
    Episode 8 - 21 mins
    Frankie's trashy neighbor talks her into taking a road trip; Mike falls at the quarry.
  • A Very Marry Christmas
    Episode 9 - 21 mins
    Sue keeps a huge secret from the family; Mike is unsure how to react to a gift from Bill Norwood.
  • Escape Orson
    Episode 10 - 21 mins
    The Hecks spend New Year's Day trying to stave off a zombie apocalypse in the Orson escape room.
  • Hoosier Maid
    Episode 11 - 21 mins
    Frankie wins a month of free maid service; Mike and Rusty look for assisted living for their dad.
  • Pitch Imperfect
    Episode 12 - 21 mins
    Axl realizes he has four months of college left and hasn't sent out any job resumes.
  • Ovary and Out
    Episode 13 - 21 mins
    Mike offers himself and Frankie up to watch the neighbor's baby overnight.
  • Sorry Not Sorry
    Episode 14 - 21 mins
    Axl, Sue and Brick tell Frankie and Mike that their bickering is having a negative effect on them.
  • Dental Hijinks
    Episode 15 - 21 mins
    Axl, Hutch and Kenny decide to sell the Winnebago; Brick works on writing a historical musical.
  • Swing and a Miss
    Episode 16 - 21 mins
    Mike hires high school coach Babbitt as a ringer to help the quarry softball team.
  • Exes and Ohhhs
    Episode 17 - 21 mins
    Axl runs into several ex-girlfriends at a St. Patrick's Day party; Brick buys a microfiche machine.
  • The Par-Tay
    Episode 18 - 21 mins
    Mike upsets his neighbor when he poaches his plumber; Sue declines to talk about her crush.
  • The Confirmation
    Episode 19 - 21 mins
    Frankie and Mike send Brick to Jesus Jam weekend camp to prepare for confirmation.
  • Adult Swim
    Episode 20 - 21 mins
    Mike threatens to get rid of the pool if Sue and Brick don't start using it.
  • Clear and Present Danger
    Episode 21 - 21 mins
    Frankie searches for Axl's misplaced graduation gift; Sue decides to make a video for Mike.
  • The Final Final
    Episode 22 - 21 mins
    The Hecks notice a change for the better when the wrong address is painted on their curb.
  • Fight or Flight
    Episode 23 - 21 mins
    Frankie and Mike have different reactions when Axl reveals he plans to spend the summer in Europe.

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