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From driving a hybrid to zealous recycling, Gerald and Helen Goode are determined to obliterate their carbon footprint on the planet.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1 - 21 mins
    Helen is upset when Bliss joins an abstinence group; Ubuntu wants to get his driver's license.
  • Pleatherheads
    Episode 2 - 21 mins
    Helen and Gerald have a hard time adjusting when Ubuntu becomes a high-school football star.
  • Goodes Gone Wild
    Episode 3 - 21 mins
    Helen tries to win Charlie's approval; Che helps Gerald with the college's squirrel problem.
  • Helen's Back
    Episode 4 - 21 mins
    Helen's back goes out the day before the organic gardening tour; Bliss and Ubuntu try an experiment.
  • A Tale of Two Lesbians
    Episode 5 - 21 mins
    Helen and Gerald befriend a chic lesbian couple in a bid to impress the arts council.
  • Freeganomics
    Episode 6 - 21 mins
    Helen invites a famous recycler to town to garner support for the Eco festival.
  • Graffiti in Greenville
    Episode 7 - 21 mins
    Helen learns that Bliss' community service job is bogus.
  • A Goode Game of Chicken
    Episode 8 - 21 mins
    Gerald protests a restaurant; Che disappears.
  • After-School Special
    Episode 9 - 21 mins
    Helen and Gerald tutor at-risk kids; Ubuntu unknowingly joins an eco-terrorist group.
  • Public Disturbance
    Episode 10 - 21 mins
    Gerald rallies the town in an attempt to bring public broadcast radio to Greenville.
  • Trouble in Store
    Episode 11 - 21 mins
    Helen is banned from a store when she is accused of shoplifting.
  • Gerald's Way or the Highway
    Episode 12 - 21 mins
    Gerald tries to inspire his children by adopting a highway, but ends up in a turf war.
  • A Goode Man Is Hard to Find
    Episode 13 - 21 mins
    Gerald thinks Mo and Trish want him to be the sperm donor for their next child.

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