The Deed: Chicago

The Deed: Chicago

Business & Finance2 SeasonsTVPG
Sean Conlon
Real estate mogul Sean Conlon assists struggling property investors.
  • Fires on Every Floor
    Fires on Every Floor
    Episode 143 mins
    Sean partners with Berta, a real estate broker who started flipping condos on the side and now faces financial ruin.
  • The Mistake On the Lake
    The Mistake On the Lake
    Episode 243 mins
    Sean teams up with Mark and Bryan, two best friends who built a business based on quick and easy flips, and who have run into a problem with a house bought at auction.
  • Analysis Paralysis
    Analysis Paralysis
    Episode 343 mins
    Sean teams up with Larry and Chantill, a couple from Chicago's South Side who see real estate as their ticket to success, and who put their trust in the wrong people.
  • Playing Defense on the Deal
    Playing Defense on the Deal
    Episode 443 mins
    Sean meets Kai and Bernette, a duo whose reckless house-buying spree leaves them cash-strapped, but with little regard for past mistakes.
  • Designer Dreamhouse
    Designer Dreamhouse
    Episode 143 mins
    After a handful of successful flips, Nic and Caren dove into a massive build. But a few curveballs later, and these newbies are facing some serious problems.
  • Save Me From the Wrecking Ball!
    Save Me From the Wrecking Ball!
    Episode 243 mins
    An ambitious contractor tries to turn his dark past into a bright future, but his latest project will either make or break both his career and his finances.
  • The Great Transformation
    The Great Transformation
    Episode 343 mins
    Successful Chicago broker Nick originally planned a six-month reno, but he's been leaning on all the wrong people and the stalled project is now costing him money.
  • Will This Host Make the Most?
    Will This Host Make the Most?
    Episode 443 mins
    Robin purchased a 19th-century Greystone on Chicago's South Side, but the ambitious project is over budget and months behind schedule.
  • The Bungalow Kings
    The Bungalow Kings
    Episode 543 mins
    Two best friends in Chicago bought lookalike bungalows, and while the plan is an ambitious build-out they're in way over their heads.
  • The Comeback Queen
    The Comeback Queen
    Episode 643 mins
    A first-time Chicago flipper faces foreclosure after a contractor took her money, did shoddy work, and lied about inspections.

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