The Commish

The Commish

Comedy4 SeasonsTV14
Michael Chiklis, Theresa Saldana, Kaj-Erik Eriksen
Tony Scali works as the police commissioner in a town where delicate situations require creative thinking.
  • Adventures in the Skin Trade
    Adventures in the Skin Trade
    Episode 148 mins
    Tony infiltrates a New York ring making porno films with teenagers.
  • Adventures in the Skin Trade
    Adventures in the Skin Trade
    Episode 247 mins
    A porn producer helps Tony escape kidnappers, then they pursue a sleazy film entrepreneur.
  • Guns 'n' Sons
    Guns 'n' Sons
    Episode 346 mins
    When his friend shoots a bully, it divides David's loyalties.
  • The Rolodex Madame
    The Rolodex Madame
    Episode 447 mins
    A socialite running a call-girl service is murdered; Tony is listed as a client.
  • The Witches of Eastbridge
    The Witches of Eastbridge
    Episode 548 mins
    A heart is cut from a corpse at a funeral home; town believes a recluse (Ray Walston) taints Halloween treats.
  • The Two Faces of Ed
    The Two Faces of Ed
    Episode 648 mins
    Tony's old friend, experiencing marital trouble, may be causing deadly incidents; with Pat Sajak.
  • Escape
    Episode 746 mins
    An escaped convict targets one of Tony's men, whose family harbors a secret; Rachel redecorates.
  • A Time to Be Born
    A Time to Be Born
    Episode 846 mins
    A friend's (Barton Hayman) crisis keeps Tony away from Rachel, who is in labor.
  • The Witness
    The Witness
    Episode 947 mins
    Rachel witnesses a robbery/murder while grocery shopping and becomes the target of the killer's threats.
  • Sleep of the Just
    Sleep of the Just
    Episode 1047 mins
    Sleep-deprived new father Tony puzzles over a serial rapist with diplomatic immunity.
  • The Frame
    The Frame
    Episode 1148 mins
    The crime rate rises after a notorious racketeer (Telly Savalas) relocates from New York.
  • Stoned
    Episode 1245 mins
    A target of car-jackers, Tony clashes with Cyd over pursuit; Tony's surgeon may be a notorious criminal.
  • The Heart Is a Lonely Sucker
    The Heart Is a Lonely Sucker
    Episode 1347 mins
    Tony suspects a video-dating client is a homicidal thief; Stan tries to protect Carmela from a curse.
  • The Sharp Pinch
    The Sharp Pinch
    Episode 1446 mins
    Tony and charges search for the kidnapper of a gravely ill infant.
  • Dead Cadet's Society
    Dead Cadet's Society
    Episode 1547 mins
    The leader of militaristic preppies disappears; David's behavior gets worse after the baby arrives.
  • Family Business
    Family Business
    Episode 1648 mins
    A retired mobster (Telly Savalas) and his son raise Eastbridge's crime rate.
  • Out of Business
    Out of Business
    Episode 1747 mins
    Colette (Telly Savalas) vows to kill Tony after his son dies in a shootout.
  • The Ides of March
    The Ides of March
    Episode 1846 mins
    A man takes his ex-wife hostage; Tony imagines himself Julius Caesar, surrounded by conspirators.
  • Blue Flu
    Blue Flu
    Episode 1947 mins
    Crime runs rampant in Eastbridge after Tony's men call in sick during a wage dispute.
  • Eastbridge Boulevard
    Eastbridge Boulevard
    Episode 2046 mins
    A former movie queen (Stella Stevens) is implicated in her lover's murder; a reality police-show crew visits.
  • Sight Unseen
    Sight Unseen
    Episode 2146 mins
    A rapist preys on blind young women; Rachel makes a surprise investment in art.
  • Anti-Commish
    Episode 2248 mins
    Drug dealers die after a mysterious caller offers to help Tony; Rachel is offered a good job in Buffalo.

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