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Shahar Isaac, Paras Patel, Jonathan Roumie

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The life of Jesus Christ through the lens of the ordinary people who connected with him in everyday interactions that changed the world.
  • Homecoming

    Episode 1 - 61 mins
    Jesus delivers the Sermon on the Mount before he and his disciples return to their families.
  • Two by Two

    Episode 2 - 70 mins
    The apostles are called by Jesus to begin their missions.
  • Physician, Heal Yourself

    Episode 3 - 53 mins
    Jesus returns to his childhood home of Nazareth for the Jewish New Year celebration.
  • Clean, Part 1

    Episode 4 - 59 mins
    The apostles return home from their missions but are confused about how they performed.
  • Clean, Part 2

    Episode 5 - 55 mins
    Jairus searches desperately to find Jesus, hoping for a miracle.
  • Intensity in Tent City

    Episode 6 - 72 mins
    Two disciples of John the Baptist come to Capernaum with a question for Jesus.
  • Ears to Hear

    Episode 7 - 64 mins
    Jesus and the disciples take a dangerous journey to the Decapolis.
  • Sustenance

    Episode 8 - 99 mins
    While Jesus preaches to thousands, the disciples realize there is no food.

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