The Case of: Caylee Anthony

The Case of: Caylee Anthony

Crime1 SeasonTV14
Retired FBI supervisory special agent Jim Clemente and former New Scotland Yard criminal behavioral analyst Laura Richards lead an investigation into the tragic disappearance and death of toddler Caylee Anthony.
  • Part One
    Part One
    Episode 186 mins
    Jim Clemente and Laura Richards gather elite specialists to explore what may have happened to 2-year-old Caylee Anthony a decade after her tragic death; the team looks into whether her body was moved before its discovery.
  • Finding Caylee
    Finding Caylee
    Episode 243 mins
    Jim and Laura visit the site where Caylee Anthony's remains were found and raise questions regarding the possible movement of her body before its discovery, and the impact that may have had on the original investigation.
  • Part Two
    Part Two
    Episode 286 mins
    Jim and Laura talk to medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia about her controversial ruling that Caylee died due to "homicide by undetermined means," then analyze the trial that captured the world's attention and resulted in a shocking acquittal.
  • Burden of Proof
    Burden of Proof
    Episode 443 mins
    Jim and Laura analyze the trial that attracted the world's attention and resulted in a shocking acquittal.
  • The Aftermath
    The Aftermath
    Episode 543 mins
    After Jim and Laura examine potential evidence that was overlooked by the prosecution, they meet with a juror and judge to understand the decision to acquit Casey Anthony.

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