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Jeff Wilbusch, Juliana Canfield, Karen Robinson

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An NYPD detective on a spiritual mission to do justice relies on his own belief in humanity as seemingly routine investigations turn upside down.
  • He's Gone
    Episode 1 - 46 mins
    NYPD detective Avraham “Avi” Avraham searches for a missing boy.
  • The Knowing
    Episode 2 - 43 mins
    Avi questions Vincent’s friends and family to learn more about the tormented and lonely boy.
  • The Horror
    Episode 3 - 47 mins
    Avi searches Vincent’s building and the people within it; Dania’s intentions are questioned.
  • The Break
    Episode 4 - 46 mins
    The secrets of Vincent’s case rise to the surface; Zack’s writing is further investigated.
  • Shomer
    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    Avi investigates a bomb threat at a local daycare; Paul’s wife is reported missing.
  • The Pursuers
    Episode 6 - 40 mins
    Avi pursues possible suspects of the bomb threat; Elisabeth Serra’s backstory is revealed.
  • The Hand of the Diligent
    Episode 7 - 40 mins
    The team grapples with Anna’s fate; Avi questions whether Elisabeth is missing or dead.
  • Blameless and Upright
    Episode 8 - 40 mins
    Avi solves Elisabeth’s disappearance; Paul plans to leave New York; Hanney has a moment of honesty.

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