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Kristos Andrews, Mary Beth Evans, Derrell Whitt

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Following the affluent and dysfunctional Bay City residents whose lives are riddled with sex, lies and never-ending scandals wrought by a local curse.
  • Deliver Us
    Episode 1 - 31 mins
    Keith stuns Pete and Riley; Sara and Lex discuss options; Steve and Adam connect.
  • The Visitor
    Episode 2 - 32 mins
    Sara wants to connect with Adam; Pete doesn't trust him and warns her; Vivian is conflicted.
  • Unlawful
    Episode 3 - 32 mins
    Lianna struggles to explain; Arthur and Sara quarrel; Breaking news shocks Pete.
  • Family Feuds
    Episode 4 - 32 mins
    Tamara and Patty have an awkward encounter; Colton pressures Tamara; father and daughters bicker.
  • Scandalous
    Episode 5 - 28 mins
    Sara appeases Adam; Tempers flare between Pete, Evan and Damian; Colton makes trouble for Tamara.
  • Bag of Tricks
    Episode 6 - 35 mins
    Temperatures rise between Evan and Tamara; Dr. Angela Foster greets her reluctant patient.
  • International Players: Part 1
    Episode 7 - 29 mins
    Tamara and Evan race towards danger; Steve and Lex spar; Sofia uses her gift.
  • International Players: Part 2
    Episode 8 - 31 mins
    Pete and Daniel arrive in Belgium; Evan and Tamara have a close encounter; Sara hides from Adam.
  • The Smog
    Episode 9 - 31 mins
    Nathan peddles his book and Patty makes him an offer; Sara makes an attempt to comfort her son.
  • Home Is Where the War Is
    Episode 10 - 33 mins
    The travelers make their way back home; Zoey and Andrea meet up.

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