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The Adventures of Puss in Boots

The Adventures of Puss in Boots

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Puss in Boots must guard the previously hidden city of San Lorenzo’s famous treasure from invaders after he accidentally breaks an ancient spell that made the land invisible to outsiders.
  • Hidden

    Episode 1 - 23 mins
    Puss must protect the magically veiled city of San Lorenzo after he exposes it to the world.
  • Sphinx

    Episode 2 - 23 mins
    Puss accidentally gives the orphans a magic sugar that proves to be dangerous.
  • Brothers

    Episode 3 - 23 mins
    Toby's ninja brothers try to get him to steal San Lorenzo's treasure, forcing him to make a choice.
  • Duchess

    Episode 4 - 23 mins
    The Duchess, who wants to rule the world by harnessing the power of sorcerers, captures Artephius.
  • Adventure

    Episode 5 - 23 mins
    Puss is tricked into going on a quest with a friend to save a princess, but it soon turns dangerous.
  • Fountains

    Episode 6 - 23 mins
    Puss and Dulcinea embark on an adventure to find the Fountain of Youth.
  • Bravery

    Episode 7 - 23 mins
    Tired of the Mayor's needy cowardice, Puss tries to reassure him that he is a hero.
  • Golem

    Episode 8 - 23 mins
    The Golem, a giant clay enemy Puss has been outrunning for years, comes to San Lorenzo.
  • Boots

    Episode 9 - 23 mins
    Jack Sprat steals enchanted boots from the Treasure House and triggers a dangerous "devil wind."
  • Sword

    Episode 10 - 23 mins
    Dulcinea pulls a magical sword from a stone and becomes enchanted with heroic powers.
  • Mouse

    Episode 11 - 23 mins
    Puss is obsessed with catching an adorable mouse, but strange things start happening around town.
  • Goblin

    Episode 12 - 23 mins
    A young goblin arrives and Puss tries to convince the orphans that she is more than a troublemaker.
  • Star

    Episode 13 - 23 mins
    Dulcinea secretly discovers a wishing star and tries to make things better but makes them worse.
  • Pigs

    Episode 14 - 23 mins
    Toby's brother, Brandt, begs Puss to help his brothers reunite.
  • Luck

    Episode 15 - 23 mins
    A bad luck curse turns Puss into a black cat and he is run out of San Lorenzo.

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