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Featuring the talents of Robert Powell, JJ Williamson and more stand-up performances from various comics covering a wide range of topics.
  • Robert Powell
    Episode 1 - 23 mins
    Robert Powell warns he is bound to offend.
  • Karlous Miller
    Episode 2 - 31 mins
    Karlous Miller performs for laughs.
  • Billy Sorrells
    Episode 3 - 31 mins
    Billy Sorrells and his many troubles and many explanations.
  • Ronnie Jordan
    Episode 4 - 26 mins
    Ronnie Jordan on his life in America.
  • Jay Phillips
    Episode 5 - 32 mins
    Jay Phillips shares his insights on love.
  • JJ Williamson
    Episode 6 - 28 mins
    JJ Williamson gives his take on being a dad.
  • D'Lai
    Episode 7 - 32 mins
    D'Lai talks about how he grew up.
  • Special K Douglas
    Episode 8 - 32 mins
    Special K Douglas and his love-hate relationship with Walmart.
  • Rip Michaels
    Episode 9 - 26 mins
    Rip Michaels brings on the laughs.
  • Lavar Walker
    Episode 10 - 26 mins
    Lavar Walker gets laughs with his stand-up set.
  • Capone
    Episode 11 - 31 mins
    Capone shares his comedic ways in his stand-up performance.
  • Gerald Kelly
    Episode 12 - 28 mins
    Gerald Kelly explains low-cost airlines.

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