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The outdoor adventures of 4-year-old Sam and his older sister, Stella, as they use their imaginations to venture to fun places and meet new friends.
  • Hand-Me-Down Sweater
    Episode 1 - 12 mins
    Sam tries to make an old sweater special before giving it to Fred.
  • Breakfast for Two
    Episode 2 - 12 mins
    Stella has to get Sam out of bed in time for a special breakfast.
  • Sam's Scarf
    Episode 3 - 12 mins
    Fred helps Stella and Sam track down a missing scarf.
  • Night Fairies
    Episode 4 - 12 mins
    Stella helps Sam prepare for his first backyard camp-out.
  • A Big Sam
    Episode 5 - 12 mins
    Sam wishes he was bigger but discovers being small can be handy sometimes.
  • Box Builders
    Episode 6 - 12 mins
    Sam and Owen discover different ways to have fun with boxes.
  • Super Sam
    Episode 7 - 12 mins
    Sam pretends to be a superhero but ends up actually rescuing Fred.
  • Fred's Bath
    Episode 8 - 12 mins
    Muddy Fred needs to get cleaned up but hates having a bath.
  • Sam and the Snowman
    Episode 9 - 12 mins
    Sam learns to skate with the help of a snowman.
  • To the North Pole
    Episode 10 - 12 mins
    A heavy snowfall creates a winter wonderland for Stella and Sam to explore.
  • Trip to China
    Episode 11 - 12 mins
    Stella's school project inspires a faraway quest to see a Chinese dragon.
  • Kite Night
    Episode 12 - 12 mins
    Stella and Sam venture downstairs in the dead of night to search for Fred and a missing kite.
  • Trip to Africa
    Episode 13 - 12 mins
    Stella's make-believe animal safari leads Sam and Owen to monkey around.
  • Laugh a Bit Soup
    Episode 14 - 12 mins
    Stella has a remedy for Sam's stubbed toe; silly soup with funny ingredients.
  • Tree Wishes
    Episode 15 - 12 mins
    Stella strikes a deal with a tree to get back Sam's toy airplane that is stuck high in its branches.
  • Skippy and Sam
    Episode 16 - 12 mins
    Sam loses a treasured souvenir he brought back from his trip to the beach.
  • Meadow Melody
    Episode 17 - 12 mins
    Sam wants to perform in Stella's music concert, but doesn't have an instrument to play.
  • Sam's New Boots
    Episode 18 - 12 mins
    Sam hopes for wet weather so he can try out his new rain boots.
  • Stella from Panella
    Episode 19 - 12 mins
    Stella takes Sam and Owen to an imaginary planet where kiwi fruit grows.
  • A Home for Cricket
    Episode 20 - 12 mins
    Sam befriends a cricket and helps it find a new home.
  • Where's Pattycake?
    Episode 21 - 12 mins
    The neighbor's cat disappears after participating in the kids' magic show.
  • Follow Me
    Episode 22 - 12 mins
    A funny game of follow the leader helps Stella and Sam find their lost ball.
  • Stella's Circus
    Episode 23 - 12 mins
    Sam hopes Fred has enough talent to join Stella's circus, but the old dog must learn new tricks.
  • Stella's Storybook
    Episode 24 - 12 mins
    Stella takes Sam on a fairy tale quest in search of a good ending for her unfinished storybook.
  • Sam and the Sky Painter
    Episode 25 - 12 mins
    Sam is surprised by his Brother's Day present; he makes plans for Sister's Day.
  • Deer Friend
    Episode 26 - 12 mins
    Stella helps Sam make friends with a fawn that he surprised in the meadow.

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