Southern Charm Savannah

Southern Charm Savannah

Reality2 SeasonsTV14
Lyle Mackenzie, Louis Oswald, Hannah Pearson
Six lifelong friends navigate their love lives and personal relationships in Savannah, Ga.
  • Welcome to Savannah, Y'All
    Welcome to Savannah, Y'All
    Episode 143 mins
    Six lifelong friends set out to make their mark in the world while navigating their love lives and personal relationships; Catherine welcomes Lyle back to Savannah; Nelson faces his storied past; Ashley's fun goes up in flames.
  • Par for the Strip Golf Course
    Par for the Strip Golf Course
    Episode 243 mins
    In the aftermath of her house fire, Ashley confronts some hard truths about her marriage; Catherine and Lyle settle into a grown-up relationship; Louis plays strip golf with Ashley; the women attend Happy's bridal shower.
  • Boys of Summer
    Boys of Summer
    Episode 343 mins
    Hannah finds herself bewildered after her fight with Ashley ends unexpectedly; Daniel prepares for his debut as a drag queen; Nelson hosts a poker party, during which his mouth gets him in trouble; Lyle reveals a shocking secret about Ashley.
  • Hurricane on the Horizon
    Hurricane on the Horizon
    Episode 443 mins
    Ashley hears a rumor about Catherine and Lyle; Happy urges her mother to support her marriage to Azam; Hannah attempts to start a dress line; as Hurricane Matthew nears Savannah, Catherine hosts a dinner party that quickly becomes a storm of its own.
  • The Perfect Storm
    The Perfect Storm
    Episode 543 mins
    Hurricane Matthew forces the Charmers to evacuate; Lyle, Catherine, Daniel, Louis and Hannah head to Charlotte where they meet up with friends; Ashley reveals her marital issues to her mother; the Charmers return home to a devastated Savannah.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Episode 643 mins
    Hannah's sisters throw a birthday party for Louis, even though Hannah is starting to question their relationship; Nelson seeks his mother's advice; Catherine plans a party during which Ashley decides to confront Hannah.
  • St. Simon Says
    St. Simon Says
    Episode 743 mins
    The gang heads to St. Simons Island, Ga., for the weekend; Hannah challenges Louis to throw a party; Ashley breaks down; Louis faces some hard truths; back in Savannah, Lyle and Catherine hit their stride; Daniel contemplates his future.
  • Engagement Rings & Petty Things
    Engagement Rings & Petty Things
    Episode 843 mins
    As Ashley takes the first step in moving forward without Dennis, Hannah and Louis' relationship struggles come to a head; when everyone puts on their ball gowns and penguin suits to celebrate, Lyle's surprise proposal turns the evening on its head.
  • Communication Breakdown
    Communication Breakdown
    Episode 143 mins
    Months after Lyle's failed proposal to Catherine, these star-crossed lovers have become more crossed than lovers; Hannah's fear of becoming a southern spinster puts her relationship with Louis on ice; Daniel takes a step back from the party scene.
  • Pearls, Pajamas, and Lies
    Pearls, Pajamas, and Lies
    Episode 243 mins
    Lyle and Catherine remain on shaky ground; Hagood's parents take some time off from farm life for a quick trip, but their arrival feels more like an interrogation; Daniel makes a big decision; Louis and Lyle head to New York City.
  • Duck, Duck, Goosed
    Duck, Duck, Goosed
    Episode 343 mins
    Hagood invites her friends to go duck hunting; Hannah tries to find out the truth about Catherine's other guy; Lyle decides to move away from Catherine; a silly prank between Louis and Lyle turns sour.
  • Duck, Duck, Boom
    Duck, Duck, Boom
    Episode 443 mins
    A hunting trip at Hagood's family farm turns sour; Catherine deals with her father's upcoming heart surgery; Ashley tries to work her way back into the circle; everyone comes together at Hannah's "Chrismukkah" party.
  • Paintballs of Fire
    Paintballs of Fire
    Episode 543 mins
    Hagood's spirits rise as her sake dreams come to fruition; Daniel's mood hits a new low as he questions his life's purpose; after Hannah and Louis spend a romantic weekend dashing through the snow, Hannah's friends give her a dash of cold reality.
  • Sorry, Not Sorry
    Sorry, Not Sorry
    Episode 643 mins
    As Hagood busts out her brushes to set Catherine's portrait in motion, Louis ponies up big money for his sock biz to roll with the big brands at the PGA Trade Show; Hannah pushes Catherine to admit there's someone else in her life.
  • Turks and Consequences
    Turks and Consequences
    Episode 743 mins
    Hannah takes everyone to Turks and Caicos for her "dirty 30s" birthday celebration; when Louis pulls an all-nighter to make the flight from his trade show in Florida, he ditches Hannah's birthday dinner and gets the night off to a rough start.
  • Down to the River to Pray
    Down to the River to Pray
    Episode 843 mins
    After Hannah pushes Louis to his breaking point, Louis airs all the intimate details of their relationship in the bedroom, or lack thereof; Catherine's parents push her to commit to Lyle; Hagood finds the support she needs from her boyfriend, Alex.

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