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  • The Best of Jimmy Fallon
    Episode 2182 mins
    Sketches include Jimmy with Mick Jagger, Jarret's Room, Sully and Denise, Jeopardy and more.
  • Lindsay Lohan; Coldplay
    Episode 2047 mins
    Sketches include Hardball, America's Next Top Model, At the Movies, Prince Show and Weekend Update.
  • Will Ferrell; Queens of the Stone Age
    Episode 1938 mins
    Sketches include Jeopardy!, Art Dealers, Pepper Grinder, TV Funhouse and Weekend Update.
  • Johnny Knoxville; System of a Down
    Episode 1841 mins
    Sketches include Versace Mother's Day Special, The Needlers and Weekend Update.
  • Tom Brady; Beck
    Episode 1747 mins
    Sketches include A Message from Tom DeLay, Dr.Phil, The Falconer and Weekend Update.
  • Cameron Diaz; Green Day
    Episode 1650 mins
    Sketches include The Papal Debate, Barry Gibb Talk Show and Weekend Update.
  • Ashton Kutcher; Gwen Stefani
    Episode 1550 mins
    Sketches include Hardball, Oprah, The Push-Up Contest and Weekend Update.
  • David Spade; Jack Johnson
    Episode 1451 mins
    Sketches include Stewart Release, commercial parody Woomba, Art Dealers and Stunt Double.
  • Hilary Swank; 50 Cent
    Episode 1355 mins
    Sketches include Debbie Downer, Project Runway and Weekend Update.
  • Jason Bateman; Kelly Clarkson
    Episode 1237 mins
    Sketches include Kim Jong Il Press Conference and the commercial parody
  • Paris Hilton; Keane
    Episode 1142 mins
    Sketches include the commercial parody, Versace Skiing and Exclusive Connections.
  • Paul Giamatti; Ludacris; Sum 41
    Episode 1050 mins
    Sketches include The Bush Daughters, Rice Confirmation Hearings and Weekend Update.
  • Topher Grace; The Killers
    Episode 942 mins
    Sketches include: Tsunami Press Conference, Hardball and CBS Evening Fraudulent Document Update.
  • Robert De Niro; Destiny's Child
    Episode 836 mins
    Sketches include Prince Christmas Special, TV Funhouse: A Blue Christmas and Trump Photo Shoot.
  • Colin Farrell; Scissor Sisters
    Episode 750 mins
    Sketches include the commercial parody Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Removal and Weekend Update.
  • Luke Wilson; U2
    Episode 652 mins
    Sketches include Debbie Downer, The American Train Wreck Awards, TV Funhouse and The Falconer.
  • Liam Neeson; Modest Mouse
    Episode 547 mins
    Sketches include Kerry at the Beach, Star's Wedding Night and Appalachian Emergency Room.
  • Jude Law; Ashlee Simpson
    Episode 353 mins
    Sketches include Hardball, Green Screen Scene, Ninth Presidential Debate and Bear City.
  • Queen Latifah
    Episode 244 mins
    Sketches include Decision '04: The Presidential Debates, The Prince Show and Weekend Update.
  • Ben Affleck; Nelly
    Episode 145 mins
    Sketches include First Presidential Debate, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and Weekend Update.

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