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From pranks and bad drivers to screaming goats and screaming kids, this compilation highlights moments in life where the camera kept rolling.
  • Prank You Very Much
    Episode 1 - 24 mins
    Pranks, pranks and more pranks in the pilot episode of Recording for Duty.
  • Kids These Days
    Episode 2 - 24 mins
    What are you gonna do with them?
  • Media Circus
    Episode 3 - 24 mins
    From amusement parks and robots to extreme sports and farm animals.
  • Riding Dirty
    Episode 4 - 24 mins
    Park it on the couch and check out these extended clips of bad drivers.
  • Animal Style
    Episode 5 - 24 mins
    Some of the weirdest and wildest extended animal clips from around the internet.
  • Animal Farm
    Episode 6 - 24 mins
    Hilarious extended clips of animals being animals.
  • Pranks for the Memories
    Episode 7 - 24 mins
    There are no stronger relationships than ones built on pranks... that's a lie, but enjoy the show.
  • Earth, Winter and Fire
    Episode 8 - 24 mins
    These clips could combine to summon Captain Planet.
  • Brain Fart
    Episode 9 - 24 mins
    There's no telling what goes on inside some people's heads.
  • Party On
    Episode 10 - 24 mins
    Check out these extended clips of party and drinking fails.
  • Self-Care
    Episode 11 - 24 mins
    The most important thing is to take time for yourself, even if it doesn't go as planned.

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