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Pinkfong! Songs and Stories

Pinkfong! Songs and Stories

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A collection of fun and educational videos for kids to help teach about various topics, ranging from animals and buses to healthy habits and holidays.
  • Animal Songs

    Episode 1 - 28 mins
    Learning about animals on farms, in the jungle and underwater with catchy tunes.
  • Bus Songs

    Episode 2 - 15 mins
    Joining Pinkfong on the bus to sing all through the town.
  • Dinosaur Musical Stories

    Episode 3 - 66 mins
    Stomping around with the ferocious T-Rex; flying with the chatty Pteranodon.
  • Dinosaur Songs

    Episode 4 - 15 mins
    Discovering dinosaurs and their history with dinosaur songs.
  • Car and Monster Truck Songs

    Episode 5 - 13 mins
    Singing along to fun children's songs and learning the names of various vehicles.
  • Word Songs

    Episode 6 - 23 mins
    Learning words and names with Pinkfong Word Songs.
  • Outer Space Songs

    Episode 7 - 14 mins
    Following Pinkfong's journey to outer space; learning about the planets in the solar system.
  • Halloween Songs

    Episode 8 - 14 mins
    Celebrating Halloween with ghosts, zombies, monsters and more.
  • Christmas Carols

    Episode 9 - 12 mins
    Celebrating the holiday with festive Christmas carols and Pinkfong.
  • Healthy Habits

    Episode 10 - 11 mins
    Learning the importance of brushing teeth, washing hands and going to bed with Pinkfong.
  • Princess Stories

    Episode 11 - 31 mins
    Singing with kids' favorite princesses and following their stories in Fairytale Land with Pinkfong.
  • Body Songs

    Episode 12 - 15 mins
    Learn about different body parts.
  • Adventures and World Tour Bus Songs

    Episode 13 - 12 mins
    Exploring the jungle, the ocean, the universe and much more with Pinkfong.

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