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Esther Coles, Gary Mavers, Simon Shepherd

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Drama series about a rural Derbyshire general practice.
  • In Good Faith
    Episode 1 - 50 mins
    A religious woman refuses treatment for her asthmatic daughter; Beth has second thoughts.
  • Old Habits
    Episode 2 - 50 mins
    A heavy smoker is denied a heart bypass; Beth refuses Jack's proposal.
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 3 - 50 mins
    A new mother has a fatal disease; Jack's neighbors keep pigs.
  • Act of Remembrance
    Episode 4 - 51 mins
    At an air show, spooning Isabel and Ken ignore their patient.
  • Enemy Within
    Episode 5 - 50 mins
    A patient assaults Beth; Sarah takes a new job.
  • Long Weekend
    Episode 6 - 51 mins
    Jack's schizophrenic ex-fiancee shows up; Kim contracts a rare disease.
  • Chance Encounter
    Episode 7 - 51 mins
    Beth meets a former lover and helps a badly injured accident victim.
  • Life Changes
    Episode 8 - 50 mins
    Dr. Preston's marriage founders; Beth's dancer friend develops osteoporosis.
  • Brave Face
    Episode 9 - 50 mins
    Will faces difficult decisions when he learns that a fellow doctor has AIDS.
  • Abbey
    Episode 10 - 50 mins
    The blame falls on a homeless teenager when a baby is found dead on the moors.
  • Perfect Love
    Episode 11 - 50 mins
    Jack and Beth finally marry at Cardale Church.
  • Power Games
    Episode 12 - 51 mins
    Beth gets involved in a family power struggle.
  • Happy Ever After
    Episode 13 - 50 mins
    A teenager is charged with breaking and entering.

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