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Kids1 Season
Seven unusual characters laugh, fool and trip their way through life.
Marlon Dance-Hooi, Nadia Ramlee, Jeremy Linn

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  • The Wonderful Christmas Album
    Episode 125 mins
    Caroling Oddbods; Slick prepares Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Endless Spooky Thrills
    Episode 226 mins
    Fuse goes on a ride through a haunted house.
  • Seasons We Love
    Episode 326 mins
    Zee tries to steal Newt's chocolate egg; Fuse struggles to get his kite up in the air.
  • Of Friendship and Love
    Episode 425 mins
    Slick discovers the flight attendant button on board and wants attention.
  • Fuse and Friends
    Episode 524 mins
    Fuse visits a drive-thru with a muffled intercom; Fuse's patience is tested.
  • Pogo and Friends
    Episode 625 mins
    Pogo prevents the Oddbods from taking a seat.
  • Newt and Friends
    Episode 725 mins
    Newt plays with her new friend, the snowman, but it has a tendency to fall apart.
  • Jeff and Friends
    Episode 825 mins
    Master Chef Jeff is all about making the perfect dish.
  • Slick and Friends
    Episode 926 mins
    Slick basks in the glory of his own photoshoot; Slick struggles with Thanksgiving shopping.
  • Bubbles and Friends
    Episode 1025 mins
    Bubbles tries to stop Zee, who's trying to eat Newt's birthday cake.
  • Zee and Friends
    Episode 1125 mins
    Fuse is tending a juice bar; no matter how many apples go in, nothing pours out.
  • It's Maddening!
    Episode 1225 mins
    Fuse is on the train, and a sleepy passenger keeps pushing his buttons; Fuse has trouble with gum.
  • Need a Little More Training
    Episode 1325 mins
    Fuse learns to troubleshoot; Fuse purchases a new chair, but his work desk is too high.
  • There's Always a Way Out
    Episode 1425 mins
    Pogo's fishing spot is stolen; the Oddbods have a go-kart race.
  • Stress No More!
    Episode 1526 mins
    Newt is working at a drive-thru and has to put up with an angry customer.
  • It Gets a Little Troublesome
    Episode 1625 mins
    Fuse tries to return a phone to a sleeping Newt; Pogo and Fuse have a test to study for.
  • The Will to Fix a Problem
    Episode 1725 mins
    Slick and Pogo can't keep up with the cars driving in; desperate times call for desperate washers.
  • Mystery and Fantasy
    Episode 1826 mins
    Fuse the pirate has difficulty getting Jeff the victim to walk the plank properly.
  • The Challenge Is On
    Episode 1927 mins
    Fuse and Pogo compete to see who can bounce the highest; Jeff accidentally drops his phone.
  • The Oddbods' Life
    Episode 2026 mins
    The Oddbods love having relaxing and peaceful outdoor time.

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