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Noddy's Toyland Adventures

Noddy's Toyland Adventures

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With the help of Tessie Bear and Big Ears, a little wooden doll hops in his red-and-yellow car and discovers new toys every day living in Toyland.
  • Noddy and the Magic Watch

    Episode 1 - 10 mins
    The entire world of Toyland, except for Noddy, turns into lifeless statues.
  • Noddy and the Goblins

    Episode 2 - 10 mins
    Big Ears and Noddy try to catch the Goblins, who have stolen Miss Pink Cat's precious parcel.
  • Noddy and the Treasure Map

    Episode 3 - 10 mins
    Noddy borrows a map from Mr. Tubby Bear and discovers it leads to hidden treasure.
  • Noddy and the Singing Bush

    Episode 4 - 10 mins
    To get their hands on a magic singing bush, the Goblins put a spell on Noddy.
  • Noddy Gets Caught in a Storm

    Episode 5 - 10 mins
    The Goblins steal Noddy and Bert Monkey's baskets of blackberries.
  • Noddy and the Noisy Drum

    Episode 6 - 10 mins
    Master Tubby Bear can't stop playing his new drum, and the noise starts to drive everyone mad.
  • Noddy Tidies Toyland

    Episode 7 - 10 mins
    Miss Pink Cat offers a reward for rubbish collection, and Noddy is determined to win.
  • Noddy and the Bouncing Ball

    Episode 8 - 10 mins
    The Goblins secretly swap Bumpy Dog's ball for a magic one, which whizzes around, creating havoc.
  • Noddy Is Far Too Busy

    Episode 9 - 10 mins
    Noddy must buy a beautiful scarf for Tessie Bear and keep his promise to Mr. and Mrs. Noah.
  • Noddy Tells a Story

    Episode 10 - 10 mins
    Bert Monkey's naughty tail knocks over Mr. Tubby Bear's can of paint.
  • Noddy and the Artists

    Episode 11 - 10 mins
    Dinah Doll decides to leave Toyland -- unless Noddy and Big Ears can persuade her to stay.
  • Noddy the Nurse

    Episode 12 - 10 mins
    Big Ears and Noddy decide to have a tin-can day to frighten away the Goblins.
  • Noddy and the Driving Lesson

    Episode 13 - 10 mins
    Tessie Bear wants to let Clockwork Mouse drive Noddy's car.

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