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After going through a bad breakup, a woman in her late 20s moves in with three single guys.
  • All In
    Episode 1 - 21 mins
    When Nick and Jess head to a Mexican beach town, Nick runs into trouble with the authorities.
  • Nerd
    Episode 2 - 21 mins
    Jess asks Nick for advice on how to fit in with the cliquey teachers at her new school.
  • Double Date
    Episode 3 - 21 mins
    Jess and Nick invite Schmidt on a double date; Nick learns a shocking secret.
  • The Captain
    Episode 4 - 21 mins
    Winston decides to give his cat one last wild night before he is neutered.
  • The Box
    Episode 5 - 21 mins
    Jess secretly endeavors to use Nick's inheritance to pay off his bills; Schmidt consults a rabbi.
  • Keaton
    Episode 6 - 21 mins
    Jess throws a Halloween party in an effort to reconnect with Cece; Schmidt makes a big decision.
  • Coach
    Episode 7 - 21 mins
    Coach returns, wanting to pick up where he left off; Jess and Cece meet a handsome stranger.
  • Menus
    Episode 8 - 21 mins
    An excess of takeout menus at the loft's door leads Jess and the guys on a series of adventures.
  • Longest Night Ever
    Episode 9 - 21 mins
    Jess must occupy Schmidt while Cece goes on a date with Coach; Nick and Winston search for Furguson.
  • Thanksgiving III
    Episode 10 - 21 mins
    Nick and Jess take the gang camping; Cece and Winston bond over a shared dislike for the outdoors.
  • Clavado En Un Bar
    Episode 11 - 21 mins
    Jess has to make a decision about her job; the friends all recall how they ended up at their jobs.
  • Basketsball
    Episode 12 - 21 mins
    Jess makes an effort to cement her friendship with Coach; Schmidt must mentor an older employee.
  • Birthday
    Episode 13 - 21 mins
    Nick tries to plan the perfect birthday party for Jess; Schmidt helps Cece at her new job.
  • Prince
    Episode 14 - 21 mins
    A chance encounter lands Jess and Cece an invite to a party at Prince's mansion.
  • Exes
    Episode 15 - 21 mins
    Jess tries to convince Nick that it's possible to be friends with an ex.
  • Sister
    Episode 16 - 21 mins
    Jess' sister visits; Schmidt and Nick crash a bar mitzvah; Winston and Bertie throw a dinner party.
  • Sister II
    Episode 17 - 21 mins
    Abby decides to remain in L.A. and has designs on one of the loftmates.
  • Sister III
    Episode 18 - 21 mins
    Cece thinks Abby is taking advantage of Schmidt; Winston struggles to get physically fit.
  • Fired Up
    Episode 19 - 21 mins
    Jess hires Coach, then must immediately fire him; a younger man falls for Cece.
  • Mars Landing
    Episode 20 - 21 mins
    Winston, Schmidt and Coach try to make a better second impression on some attractive neighbors.
  • Big News
    Episode 21 - 21 mins
    Winston passes the police academy entrance exam and demands a celebration.
  • Dance
    Episode 22 - 21 mins
    Jess worries that someone is trying to sabotage her first middle school dance.
  • Cruise
    Episode 23 - 21 mins
    Nick and Jess ask the gang to accompany them on a cruise they booked while they were still dating.

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