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Mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher solves crimes in idyllic Cabot Cove, Maine -- the murder capital of the United States.
  • Death Stalks the Big Top - Part 1
    Episode 1 - 47 mins
    Jessica's brother-in-law, a circus clown, is accused of murder.
  • Death Stalks the Big Top - Part 2
    Episode 2 - 47 mins
    Jessica goes to extreme lengths to clear her brother-in-law of murder charges.
  • Unfinished Business
    Episode 3 - 47 mins
    A police retiree tries to solve a 10-year-old murder case reopened by a mistaken-identity shooting.
  • One White Rose for Death
    Episode 4 - 47 mins
    In Washington, D.C., Jessica gets involved with two defections and a British spy's murder.
  • Corned Beef and Carnage
    Episode 5 - 47 mins
    Jessica's niece is the top suspect when her boss is murdered.
  • Dead Man's Gold
    Episode 6 - 47 mins
    Murder interrupts a determined man's quest to find buried treasure.
  • Deadline for Murder
    Episode 7 - 47 mins
    Jessica helps a bedridden reporter (Harry Guardino) probe his publisher's murder.
  • Magnum on Ice
    Episode 8 - 47 mins
    Magnum resists Jessica's efforts to clear him.
  • Obituary for a Dead Anchor
    Episode 9 - 47 mins
    The media descends upon Cabot Cove when a journalist is believed to have been killed.
  • Stage Struck
    Episode 10 - 47 mins
    Jessica investigates the death of an understudy who dies onstage during opening night.
  • Night of the Headless Horseman
    Episode 11 - 47 mins
    A lovesick poet (Thom Bray) is the prime suspect in the decapitation of a bullying riding master.
  • The Corpse Flew First Class
    Episode 12 - 47 mins
    On a flight to London, a socialite's (Kate Mulgrew) necklace is stolen and her lover is poisoned.
  • Crossed Up
    Episode 13 - 47 mins
    Bedridden Jessica cannot convince anyone she overheard a murder being planned on the telephone.
  • Murder in a Minor Key
    Episode 14 - 47 mins
    Jessica narrates her latest novel about students involved in murder.
  • The Bottom Line Is Murder
    Episode 15 - 47 mins
    Jessica investigates the murder of a Denver consumer activist.
  • Death Takes a Dive
    Episode 16 - 72 mins
    A private investigator is accused of murdering a boxing manager.
  • Simon Says, Color Me Dead
    Episode 17 - 47 mins
    A famous artist's murder coincides with the theft of what he considered his masterpiece.
  • No Laughing Murder
    Episode 18 - 47 mins
    A feud hampers Jessica's probe of a stabbing.
  • No Accounting for Murder
    Episode 19 - 47 mins
    A nephew faces tax fraud and murder charges.
  • The Cemetery Vote
    Episode 20 - 47 mins
    Political graft and gambling play important roles in two murders.
  • The Days Dwindle Down
    Episode 21 - 47 mins
    Jessica attempts to prove a man is innocent of a murder that occurred 30 years ago.
  • Murder, She Spoke
    Episode 22 - 47 mins
    A murderer strikes during a taping of Jessica reading one of her books.

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