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Mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher solves crimes in idyllic Cabot Cove, Maine -- the murder capital of the United States.
  • Death in Hong Kong
    Episode 1 - 46 mins
    Jessica works with a local officer (David Warner) to clear a friend of murder charges in Hong Kong.
  • For Whom the Ball Tolls
    Episode 2 - 47 mins
    Jessica tries to clear her editor of the murder of a land developer.
  • The Legacy of Borbey House
    Episode 3 - 45 mins
    A mysterious stranger (David Birney) obsessed with restoring an old Cabot Cove landmark is murdered.
  • The Phantom Killer
    Episode 4 - 47 mins
    A brilliant young reporter is accused of murdering a shady magazine publisher (Alan Thicke).
  • A Virtual Murder
    Episode 5 - 44 mins
    A young computer wizard helps Jessica probe the murder of an interactive video game's creator.
  • Bloodlines
    Episode 6 - 47 mins
    Jessica's research on a new novel uncovers an unlikely suspect in the murder of a good friend.
  • A Killing in Cork
    Episode 7 - 46 mins
    While visiting a friend in Ireland, Jessica looks for clues to a murder.
  • Love and Hate in Cabot Cove
    Episode 8 - 47 mins
    Jessica returns to Cabot Cove to discover why her accountant is not paying her bills.
  • Murder at a Discount
    Episode 9 - 47 mins
    A man claims Jessica's novel resembles the story of his wife's murder.
  • Murder in White
    Episode 10 - 47 mins
    Jessica must prove her actress friend innocent of killing a producer.
  • Northern Explosion
    Episode 11 - 47 mins
    While stranded in a small Canadian town, Jessica helps the Mounties solve two local murders.
  • Proof in the Pudding
    Episode 12 - 45 mins
    Jessica reluctantly appears on a friend's cooking show and finds clues to a murder.
  • Portrait of Death
    Episode 13 - 46 mins
    Jessica comes to the rescue when a friend's sculpture is used as a murder weapon.
  • Deadly Assets
    Episode 14 - 46 mins
    A Chicago hit man (Anthony Mangano) is murdered in a Cabot Cove shipyard.
  • Murder on the Thirtieth Floor
    Episode 15 - 46 mins
    Jessica suspects the suicide of her book's editor (Robert Desiderio) was murder.
  • Time to Die
    Episode 16 - 45 mins
    Jessica tries to clear her student, accused of murdering his abusive loan-shark stepfather.
  • The Dying Game
    Episode 17 - 46 mins
    Jessica looks for clues to clear her friend of a double murder charge.
  • The Trouble With Seth
    Episode 18 - 46 mins
    Jessica searches for Seth when he disappears and she suspects foul play.
  • Roadkill
    Episode 19 - 46 mins
    The owner of a small trucking company is accused of insurance fraud.
  • A Murderous Muse
    Episode 20 - 47 mins
    A legendary maestro, who is about to lose control of his protege (Jenny Lewis), is found murdered.
  • Wheel of Death
    Episode 21 - 46 mins
    The owner of a traveling carnival is murdered while in Cabot Cove.

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