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Monkey the host embarks on adventures where children are invited and encouraged to imitate, dance along with and learn about the day's animal guest.
  • Alligator

    Episode 1 - 11 mins
    Monkey gets help from Alligator when practicing for the world Floating championship.
  • Sheep

    Episode 2 - 11 mins
    Monkey learns that wool comes from Sheep.
  • Hedgehog

    Episode 3 - 11 mins
    Monkey needs a needle from Hedgehog.
  • Bald Eagle

    Episode 4 - 11 mins
    Playing with a paper plane, Monkey meets the best glider of all; Bald Eagle.
  • Snail

    Episode 5 - 11 mins
    Parrot tries to get Monkey to slow down and they meet Snail.
  • Swan

    Episode 6 - 11 mins
    Monkey and Parrot get a dance lesson from Swan.
  • Bee

    Episode 7 - 11 mins
    Monkey has no more honey for his snack and goes to see how Bee makes it with nectar.
  • Grizzly Bear

    Episode 8 - 11 mins
    Monkey learns about hibernation and the grizzly bear.
  • Chameleon

    Episode 9 - 11 mins
    While playing hide and seek, Monkey and Parrot discover how good Chameleon is at hiding.
  • Butterfly

    Episode 10 - 11 mins
    Monkey gets inspired to paint when he meets Butterfly.
  • Whale

    Episode 11 - 11 mins
    Parrot wants a soothing nap, so Monkey brings him to the ocean where they encounter Whale singing.
  • Moose

    Episode 12 - 11 mins
    Getting ready for a hat parade, Monkey meets Moose who has the best hat of all, his antlers.
  • Bat

    Episode 13 - 11 mins
    Monkey learns about Bat, who sleeps during the day and stays up all night.
  • Dolphin

    Episode 14 - 11 mins
    Monkey needs help from Dolphin to practice his basketball jumps.
  • Bird of Paradise

    Episode 15 - 11 mins
    A bird helps Monkey with a costume.
  • Mouse

    Episode 16 - 11 mins
    While on a picnic, Monkey's sandwich disappears so he follows the crumbs to Mouse.
  • Beaver

    Episode 17 - 11 mins
    Monkey meets Beaver, an expert builder.
  • Balloon Fish

    Episode 18 - 11 mins
    Monkey has a hard time blowing up balloons.
  • Cricket

    Episode 19 - 11 mins
    Monkey wants to put on a violin concert and has help from Cricket.
  • Wolf

    Episode 20 - 11 mins
    Mole explains to Monkey and Parrot why Wolf howls.
  • Donkey

    Episode 21 - 11 mins
    Monkey gets a kicking lesson from Donkey.
  • Otter

    Episode 22 - 11 mins
    Otter shows Parrot how to slide.
  • Spider

    Episode 23 - 11 mins
    Spider helps Monkey with his soccer net.
  • Octopus

    Episode 24 - 11 mins
    Parrot has run out of writing ink but discovers that Octopus can squirt out ink.
  • Chipmunk

    Episode 25 - 11 mins
    Monkey wants to store his leaf collection and Chipmunk shows him how.
  • Pig

    Episode 26 - 11 mins
    Monkey sculpts with mud and gets help from Pig.

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