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A charming and adventurous mole enlists the help of friends as they embark on a quest to broker peace between humans and their fellow species.
  • Magic Rectangle
    Episode 1 - 10 mins
    When a cell phone falls into Roley Poley Park from the Great Above, the entire town is mesmerized by it.
  • Guacamoley
    Episode 2 - 11 mins
    Moley gets in over his head when he enters a spicy chile-eating contest.
  • Three Gentlemen of Moletown
    Episode 3 - 11 mins
    When Moley’s Keeper duties are pulling him in too many directions, he gets Manny to create multiple Moleys.
  • Who Arted
    Episode 4 - 11 mins
    When Dotty joins an art competition Moley is afraid her art won’t appeal to the snooty judge.
  • Trash Trash Trash
    Episode 5 - 11 mins
    When Manny accidentally transports a heap of trash into Moletown, Moley attempts to recycle it.
  • Groundmole Day
    Episode 6 - 11 mins
    When Moley is given the key to the city, he has such a great time he convinces Manny to let him repeat the whole day.
  • Some Like It Cool
    Episode 7 - 11 mins
    When Moletown experiences a heatwave, Moley and Dotty hope Mishmosh can invent something to cool things down.
  • Molerskating Mayhem
    Episode 8 - 11 mins
    Moley must learn to Molerskate for the Great Mole Roll skating competition.
  • Duck Moley Duck!
    Episode 9 - 11 mins
    When an egg rolls into Moletown and a duckling hatches, Moley must play momma to the baby duck.
  • Squirm's Day Out
    Episode 10 - 12 mins
    Moley helps take care of the worms at Dotty’s Adopt a Worm Rescue Center.
  • Wormalicious
    Episode 11 - 12 mins
    Moley vows to not eat worms for a few days in support of Dotty’s veganism.
  • Keeper for a Day
    Episode 12 - 12 mins
    Moley spends the day with a young mole named Cheese who wants to be just like him.
  • For All Molekind
    Episode 13 - 11 mins
    Mishmosh builds a tunnel digger, upsetting some that it will replace moles’ need to dig themselves.
  • Dogzilla
    Episode 14 - 12 mins
    When the Queen’s dog digs his way down into Moletown, he forms a bond with the Gardener.
  • Moletown’s Got Talent
    Episode 15 - 12 mins
    Moley agrees to organize a town talent show but worries the show will be a failure.
  • Mr. Know It All
    Episode 16 - 11 mins
    Moley is frustrated with his inability to do a crossword puzzle so he casts a spell to know all the answers.
  • Science Fair
    Episode 17 - 12 mins
    Moley and his mom enter Mishmosh’s yearly science fair while the Gardener and Squirm plot to snag Manny.
  • Lockdown
    Episode 18 - 11 mins
    Moley and Dotty find themselves trapped inside Mishmosh’s lab when his security system is activated.
  • Hurley Burley
    Episode 19 - 11 mins
    Hurley, a giant boisterous adventuring mole, tries to drag Moley on one of his adventures.
  • Old Coot’s Secret
    Episode 20 - 11 mins
    When Moley and Dotty spot Old Coot sneaking around MoleTown, Dotty can’t resist following. 
  • Moleder and Dotty
    Episode 21 - 9 mins
    When a mysterious sighting breeds rumors of aliens in Moletown, Moley and Dotty investigate.
  • Dotty's Disastrous Day
    Episode 22 - 12 mins
    When everything seems to be going wrong for Dotty, she takes Manny on an adventure.
  • My Burrow Is Your Burrow
    Episode 23 - 11 mins
    When Mishmosh’s lab is flooded, Moley invites him to temporarily stay at his burrow.
  • Molecare Plan
    Episode 24 - 11 mins
    After the Gardener is injured, Moley volunteers himself and his friends to nurse the curmudgeon back to health.
  • A Book by Its Cover Part 1
    Episode 25 - 12 mins
    When Manny’s damaged page is incorrectly replaced, chaos ensues in Moletown.
  • A Book by Its Cover Part 2
    Episode 26 - 12 mins
    With all the Moles transformed into worms, Moley and Dotty must hatch a plan to remove the chaotic page.
  • Rally Ho
    Episode 27 - 12 mins
    It’s the annual MoleTown Races, and each resident has a unique car to compete for the grand prize.
  • Paper Molche
    Episode 28 - 11 mins
    Dotty discovers Mystic Mole has found a lost treasure map from the great above.
  • Mole in One
    Episode 29 - 12 mins
    MoleTown becomes lazy, so Dotty helps Moley exercise.
  • Little Lizzie
    Episode 30 - 12 mins
    When Moliere’s traveling spectacular comes to MoleTown, it brings with it a rather unique guest.
  • Double On Moley
    Episode 31 - 12 mins
    Moley finds an old movie poster about a human hero; Manny’s magic conjures up an entire world of action and adventure.
  • Mona's Monstrous Makeover
    Episode 32 - 11 mins
    Mona Lisa is hosting an extravagant fashion show, and she wants Moley to be the guest of honor.
  • Gardener and Mole
    Episode 33 - 11 mins
    Things take a dramatic turn when the Gardener and Moley magically switch places.
  • Moley's Wild Ride
    Episode 34 - 11 mins
    Moley has to save the day after a huge Ferris wheel causes trouble at the fun fair.
  • Mole Towns a Stage
    Episode 35 - 12 mins
    Mrs. Moley directs a small play with Moley cast as the hero, but his fear gets the better of him.
  • Sidekick Roadtrip
    Episode 36 - 12 mins
    Moley and the Gardener each head off for a road trip, leaving Manny and Squirm home alone.
  • Mrs Moley’s Manic Movers
    Episode 37 - 11 mins
    Moley and Dotty must figure out how to transport the beast from the other side of town.
  • Camp Counsellor
    Episode 38 - 12 mins
    Dotty persuades Moley and Mishmosh to head out for a camping trip.
  • Mission Impossimole
    Episode 39 - 12 mins
    Mystic Mole leaves Moley and Dotty in charge of the temple.
  • The Beast of James Bay
    Episode 40 - 12 mins
    Moley and Dotty must track down the mysterious Beast of James Bay.
  • It's a Molevelous Life
    Episode 41 - 12 mins
    Moley and Manny go on a journey through Lester’s past.
  • Mud Molevelous Mud
    Episode 42 - 11 mins
    MoleTown goes into a cleaning frenzy after Moley tries to explain why humans think dirt is dirty.
  • The Ambassador
    Episode 43 - 12 mins
    Moley tries to impress the new ambassador from MoleTown’s sister city, Moledonia.
  • The Abominable Snowmole
    Episode 44 - 12 mins
    It’s winter in MoleTown and a mysterious snowy creature is roaming the Big Below.
  • Beach Blanket Moley
    Episode 45 - 11 mins
    Mishmosh comes to the rescue with his new submarine invention when he discovers Mona Lisa can’t swim.
  • The Hat Trick
    Episode 46 - 11 mins
    Everyone is impressed with Milo’s new hat until Moley accidentally breaks it.
  • The Great Mole Detective
    Episode 47 - 12 mins
    The Gardener dresses up as the world’s greatest Mole detective to distract Moley and Dotty.
  • Moles of Future Past
    Episode 48 - 11 mins
    Mishmosh’s new device causes trouble when it accidentally zaps Miss Petunia and Old Coot into their younger selves.
  • The Big Below, Below The Big Below
    Episode 49 - 12 mins
    Moley and Dotty go on a wild adventure after getting transformed into worms.
  • Molbert Brainstein
    Episode 50 - 12 mins
    When Mishmosh falls ill before the greatest inventor competition, Moley and Dotty compete in his place.
  • A Mole in Time Part 1
    Episode 51 - 11 mins
    Moley and compay go back in time to see what she had missed before she came to MoleTown.
  • A Mole In Time Part 2
    Episode 52 - 13 mins
    Dotty and her uncle work together to bring her back to present-day MoleTown without interfering with the past.

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