Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Reality7 SeasonsTV14
Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, James Harris
Showcasing luxury properties in the Los Angeles area.
  • Unfinished Business
    Unfinished Business
    Episode 143 mins
    Josh Altman persuades his client to take a big risk; Madison helps a pro hockey player sell his party pad.
  • Last Laugh
    Last Laugh
    Episode 243 mins
    Josh Altman makes an insulting offer on Josh Flagg's listing; a mother reaches out to Madison for help.
  • Dire Contingencies
    Dire Contingencies
    Episode 343 mins
    Josh Altman endangers his relationship with another agent; Madison shops for a Texas couple looking for a beach house; Josh Flagg mentors a junior agent.
  • Third Degree Burn
    Third Degree Burn
    Episode 443 mins
    Madison decides to expand his business; Josh Flagg's client wants to interrogate potential buyers; Josh Altman and his brother co-list a multi-million dollar estate.
  • It's Personal!
    It's Personal!
    Episode 543 mins
    Josh Altman and his brother decide to partner up; Josh Flagg takes on a listing for a high school friend's parents; Madison is determined to sell a property.
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Trouble in Paradise
    Episode 643 mins
    Josh Altman tries to sell a seven-story party pad; Heather is devastated by some news; Josh Flagg gains a potential buyer; Madison is left to make some life-changing decisions.
  • The Battle of Malibu
    The Battle of Malibu
    Episode 743 mins
    Josh Flagg has his multi-lingual grandmother help with selling a condo; Madison and Josh Altman have clients interested in the same houses; a bidding war brings out a new side in Madison.
  • All Aboard
    All Aboard
    Episode 843 mins
    Josh Altman and his brother, Matt, take on a listing that looks more like a cruise liner than a home; Madison hopes to seal the deal when he gets a second chance on a listing; Josh Flagg is asked to find a house in the Valley for a good friend.
  • Mexican Retreat
    Mexican Retreat
    Episode 943 mins
    A seller insists on having a security guard on site when his property is shown; Josh Altman's girlfriend co-lists a property with Josh Flagg; Marcos invites Madison to Mexico to meet with developers.
  • Madison v. Heather (Again!)
    Madison v. Heather (Again!)
    Episode 1043 mins
    Madison gets an irresistible offer; Josh Flagg decides to sell his condo; Josh Altman is hired by a longtime client.
  • This Means War!
    This Means War!
    Episode 1143 mins
    Josh Flagg accuses Josh Altman of "client poaching" and retaliates; Madison holds an exclusive charity event.
  • Love Conquers
    Love Conquers
    Episode 1243 mins
    Josh Flagg searches for a new home and faces an ultimatum from Colton; Josh Altman targets high-rolling international buyers for a villa in Beverly Hills; Josh Altman makes a life-changing decision.

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