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Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Richard Wilson

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Merlin will one day be the greatest wizard known to mankind, but for now, he must keep his talent hidden while learning to master his gift.
  • The Dragon's Call
    Episode 1 - 44 mins
    Merlin arrives in Camelot, where he meets Gaius and Arthur.
  • Valiant
    Episode 2 - 44 mins
    A knight with a shield of magical snakes enters the annual sword-fighting tournament.
  • The Mark of Nimueh
    Episode 3 - 43 mins
    The witch Nimueh causes a monster to poison Camelot's water.
  • The Poisoned Chalice
    Episode 4 - 44 mins
    Evil sorceress Nimueh returns and tricks Merlin into drinking from a poisoned chalice.
  • Lancelot
    Episode 5 - 44 mins
    Lancelot tells Merlin about his dream of becoming a knight of Camelot.
  • A Remedy to Cure All Ills
    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    Enchanted flowers make Morgana ill and Gaius is unable to find a cure.
  • The Gates of Avalon
    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    Morgana worries when Arthur becomes smitten with a girl.
  • The Beginning of the End
    Episode 8 - 44 mins
    Merlin is forced to choose between saving a young Druid's life and protecting Arthur.
  • Excalibur
    Episode 9 - 43 mins
    A mysterious black knight crashes Arthur's coming-of-age ceremony.
  • The Moment of Truth
    Episode 10 - 42 mins
    Merlin's mother, Hunith, arrives in Camelot, desperate for help.
  • The Labyrinth of Gedref
    Episode 11 - 42 mins
    When Arthur kills a unicorn, Camelot's crops die and the water turns to sand.
  • To Kill the King
    Episode 12 - 43 mins
    Gwen's father helps a renegade sorcerer turn lead into gold with a magic stone.
  • Le Morte D'Arthur
    Episode 13 - 44 mins
    During a hunting trip, Arthur and his men encounter a huge monster.

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