Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine

Reality6 SeasonsTV14
Jacqueline Walters, Simone Whitmore, Heavenly Kimes
Six Atlanta women, all doctors or wives of doctors, struggle to balance their careers, families and social lives.
  • Far From Heavenly
    Far From Heavenly
    Episode 143 mins
    Quad finds out that Mariah has been gossiping about her; Dr. Jackie wants to have a baby; Dr. Heavenly hosts a cocktail party, where accusations fly.
  • Love and Basketball
    Love and Basketball
    Episode 243 mins
    Jackie's date with Curtis takes a surprising turn; Mariah tries to get her husband to have hair transplant surgery; Toya and Simone try to settle their issues, but it backfires.
  • A Steakhouse Beef
    A Steakhouse Beef
    Episode 343 mins
    A confrontation between Quad and Mariah builds quickly; Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly try to settle their issues; Toya hosts a birthday party for her son.
  • A Week of Impact
    A Week of Impact
    Episode 443 mins
    Quad focuses on her puppy fashion line; Dr. Simone and Cecil's money problems impact their marriage; Lisa Nicole receives some devastating news.
  • Chariot of Fiyah!
    Chariot of Fiyah!
    Episode 543 mins
    Quad hires a designer to help launch her line of puppy clothes; Toya confronts Dr. Simone at Lisa Nicole's event; Quad and Mariah come face to face.
  • Textual Healing
    Textual Healing
    Episode 643 mins
    Mariah and Quad continue throwing accusations; Dr. Simone convinces Dr. Jackie to meet with an adoption counselor; Lisa finds out if she's free of cancer; Quad invites Mariah to a fashion show.
  • A Fashion Faux-Pas
    A Fashion Faux-Pas
    Episode 743 mins
    Aydin gets ready for his surgery; Dr. Simone reveals her financial troubles to Dr. Jackie; Dr. Heavenly gets hears something about Mariah; Reco Chapple and Mariah come face-to-face.
  • Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
    Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
    Episode 843 mins
    Simone tests Jackie's mothering skills; Toya and Eugene's house hunt turns urgent; the ladies are forced to choose sides after Mariah and Quad's fight.
  • Queen of Shade
    Queen of Shade
    Episode 943 mins
    Quad and Reco hurry to finish their samples before an investor meeting; Mariah files a restraining order against Reco; Jackie reaches her breaking point; Lisa Nicole throws a party for her daughter.
  • Blind Date
    Blind Date
    Episode 1043 mins
    Simone asks Jackie for help with her love life; Quad's business ventures lead to an argument; Toya and Eugene face financial problems.
  • Couples Retreat
    Couples Retreat
    Episode 1143 mins
    The couples arrive in the Blue Ridge Mountains for their couples retreat; Greg makes a controversial statement that upsets some of the ladies; a detail of Darren and Lisa's relationship is revealed.
  • The Flight of the Uterus
    The Flight of the Uterus
    Episode 1243 mins
    Quad learns that Ramona invited Mariah on the trip; a relationship exercise has an emotional toll on the couples.
  • From Courtroom to Catwalk
    From Courtroom to Catwalk
    Episode 1343 mins
    Quad and Toya face off with Mariah in the court room; Jackie's stepdaughter visits and has a surprising revelation; Mariah invites the ladies to the launch of her new business venture to try to make peace with them.
  • The Queen Bee Gets Stung
    The Queen Bee Gets Stung
    Episode 1443 mins
    Quad confronts Simone; Toya shows Dr. Heavenly her new home; Mariah is disappointed when some of the ladies stand her up at the Cinnamon Girl launch party; Quad launches her puppy couture line with a fashion show.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1543 mins
    Mariah and Quad reveal the truth about what happened between them; the ladies tell Heavenly what they really think of her; Simone and Toya's disagreement jeopardizes the reunion.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1643 mins
    Andy gets to the bottom of what happened between Simone and Toya; the husbands share their perspectives.
  • Secrets Revealed
    Secrets Revealed
    Episode 1743 mins
    Lost footage and cast interviews from the season.

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