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A group of sexy singles look for love while living isolated from the outside world in a villa.
  • Episode 1

    Episode 1 - 61 mins
    Cristina Pedroche welcomes a new group of Islanders who come to the villa looking for love.
  • Episode 2

    Episode 2 - 55 mins
    Aroa and Margarita arrive at the villa, and they spend some alone time with the boys.
  • Episode 3

    Episode 3 - 50 mins
    Alberto faces his new situation without Yaiza; the Islanders get ready for the night party.
  • Episode 4

    Episode 4 - 54 mins
    Lorena has the "superpower" to choose a partner and save herself from the next re-coupling.
  • Episode 5

    Episode 5 - 53 mins
    Alan's decision will be the one that determines which Islander leaves the village.
  • Episode 6

    Episode 6 - 53 mins
    After pressing the red button, Saúl explains what really bothers him about Rubén and Lorena.
  • Episode 7

    Episode 7 - 57 mins
    The Islanders gather at the firepit to determine whether Rubén or Saúl will leave the villa.
  • Episode 8

    Episode 8 - 52 mins
    Mauricio decides to talk to Felipe to find out if Paola is still interested in him or not.
  • Episode 9

    Episode 9 - 53 mins
    The next re-coupling occurs, forcing one of the Islanders to leave the villa.
  • Episode 10

    Episode 10 - 53 mins
    Everything changes when the Islanders receive messages that bring complications to the villa.
  • Episode 11

    Episode 11 - 55 mins
    Following the latest elimination, Paola is the most affected, but Felipe manages to cheer her up.
  • Episode 12

    Episode 12 - 55 mins
    After their dates, Aroa and Paola decide who will be the new Islander entering the villa.
  • Episode 13

    Episode 13 - 55 mins
    It's time for the girls to choose who to couple up with and which Islander will leave the villa.
  • Episode 14

    Episode 14 - 60 mins
    The red phone rings and the Islanders have to decide who they want to couple up with.
  • Episode 15

    Episode 15 - 50 mins
    Aurora cries inconsolably after learning of Alberto's choice.
  • Episode 16

    Episode 16 - 59 mins
    The boys secretly leave the main villa and arrive at Casa Amor.
  • Episode 17

    Episode 17 - 51 mins
    Rubén and Lara become closer, and she confesses that if she felt tempted by someone, it'd be him.
  • Episode 18

    Episode 18 - 50 mins
    In Casa Amor the heat intensifies with a passionate kiss between two Islanders.
  • Episode 19

    Episode 19 - 49 mins
    The villa and Casa Amor receive news of everything that is happening in the other house.
  • Episode 20

    Episode 20 - 51 mins
    Mirella confesses to Ruth and Kate that she has made out with Rafa during the night.
  • Episode 21

    Episode 21 - 52 mins
    The Islanders left single after the re-coupling following Casa Amor must leave the villa.
  • Episode 22

    Episode 22 - 51 mins
    Rubén makes an important decision; Ari and Lara go on a date with Juanvi and Rubén.
  • Episode 23

    Episode 23 - 53 mins
    Juanvi wants to settle his issues before getting to know Ariadna better.
  • Episode 24

    Episode 24 - 52 mins
    Now that everyone is coupled up, the red phone breaks up a quiet morning in the villa.
  • Episode 25

    Episode 25 - 53 mins
    Paola and Eder enjoy their first intimate night in the suite, both leaving happy the next morning.
  • Episode 26

    Episode 26 - 51 mins
    After two Islanders leave the villa, tensions between Ariadna and Juanvi reach an all-time high.
  • Episode 27

    Episode 27 - 53 mins
    Two couples hang by a thread because the doubts of two Islanders are increasingly evident.
  • Episode 28

    Episode 28 - 55 mins
    After Paola and Eder's intimate date, Lara and Rubén go on their own.
  • Episode 29

    Episode 29 - 57 mins
    The Islanders receive a visit from their families that gives them an energy boost.
  • Episode 30

    Episode 30 - 52 mins
    It's the last day in the villa and four couples have arrived here, but only one will be the winner.

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