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Charles and Caroline Ingalls, together with their daughters Mary, Carrie and Laura, the narrator, struggle to survive in 1870s Minnesota. This series is available free with ads to all Peacock users.
  • Times Are Changing
    Episode 1 - 48 mins
    The Carters buy the Ingalls' farm; Laura welcomes teacher Etta Plum and Almanzo's relatives.
  • Times Are Changing
    Episode 2 - 48 mins
    Jenny blames herself for Royal's death; Jeb Carter overcomes fear to save Jenny from drowning.
  • Welcome to Olesonville
    Episode 3 - 48 mins
    An elderly farmer urges Almanzo to run for mayor to oppose Mrs. Oleson.
  • Rage
    Episode 4 - 48 mins
    A man attacks his wife and child, then takes Laura and her daughter hostage.
  • Little Lou
    Episode 5 - 48 mins
    Mrs. Oleson's prejudice troubles a former circus dwarf who is trying to raise his daughter alone.
  • The Wild Boy Part 1
    Episode 6 - 48 mins
    Townspeople rescue a boy whom a carnival owner has been using as an attraction.
  • The Wild Boy Part 2
    Episode 7 - 48 mins
    Mr. Edwards is determined that the carnival owner will not regain custody of the boy.
  • The Return of Nellie
    Episode 8 - 48 mins
    Nancy gets angry when her competition, Mrs. Nellie Oleson Dalton, visits Walnut Grove.
  • The Empire Builders
    Episode 9 - 48 mins
    Walnut Grove farmers will be forced off their land when the construction of a railroad begins.
  • Love
    Episode 10 - 48 mins
    Mr. Edwards' friends disapprove when he falls for a 19-year-old blind girl.
  • Alden's Dilemma
    Episode 11 - 48 mins
    Mr. Edwards believes a new minister dates married women and wants Reverend Alden's job.
  • Marvin's Garden
    Episode 12 - 48 mins
    Mr. Edwards believes a new minister dates married women and wants Reverend Alden's job.
  • The Older Brothers
    Episode 13 - 48 mins
    Mr. Edwards stumbles into a robbery by the Younger gang and is mistaken for one of them.
  • Sins of the Fathers
    Episode 14 - 48 mins
    Sarah's publisher father demands she return to her life of luxury in New York.
  • Once Upon a Time
    Episode 15 - 48 mins
    After Laura wins a writing contest, a Minneapolis publisher asks her to alter her stories.
  • Home Again Part 1
    Episode 16 - 49 mins
    Charles decides to bring Albert back to Walnut Grove after police arrest him for theft in Chicago.
  • Home Again
    Episode 17 - 46 mins
    Charles discovers a morphine addiction is causing Albert's anger.
  • A Child with No Name
    Episode 18 - 48 mins
    Laura holds Dr. Baker responsible for her newborn son's sudden, mysterious death.
  • The Last Summer
    Episode 19 - 48 mins
    Jason spends his time with a wealthy, childless neighbor.
  • For the Love of Blanche
    Episode 20 - 48 mins
    Isaiah promises to care for a dying man's "child" -- a baby orangutan.
  • May I Have This Dance?
    Episode 21 - 48 mins
    Willie's mother reacts angrily to news of the 16-year-old's engagement.
  • Hello and Goodbye
    Episode 22 - 48 mins
    Matthew meets the father who abandoned him; a famous author stays at the Wilder boarding house.

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