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Charles and Caroline Ingalls, together with their daughters Mary, Carrie and Laura, the narrator, struggle to survive in 1870s Minnesota. This series is available free with ads to all Peacock users.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1 - 97 mins
    The Ingalls family leaves the little house in the Big Woods and heads West.
  • A Harvest of Friends
    Episode 1 - 49 mins
    After promising to fix a store's roof and stack sacks of grain, Charles falls out of a tree.
  • Country Girls
    Episode 2 - 48 mins
    Before their first day of school, Laura and Mary worry other students won't accept them.
  • The 100-Mile Walk
    Episode 3 - 49 mins
    After wheat is destroyed, farmers must take risky quarry jobs.
  • Mr. Edwards' Homecoming
    Episode 4 - 49 mins
    Caroline plays matchmaker for Charles' old friend, Mr. Edwards, and an attractive local widow.
  • The Love of Johnny Johnson
    Episode 5 - 49 mins
    Laura falls for a new student (Mitch Vogel), who shows a greater interest in Mary.
  • If I Should Wake Before I Die
    Episode 6 - 49 mins
    Charles helps a woman stage her own wake to ensure her distant children's attendance.
  • Town Party, Country Party
    Episode 7 - 49 mins
    Laura befriends a lonely, crippled girl (Kim Richards) sheltered by her father.
  • Ma's Holiday
    Episode 8 - 49 mins
    Caroline reluctantly goes on a six day vacation.
  • School Mom
    Episode 9 - 49 mins
    Substitute-teacher Caroline deals with a boy (Dirk Blocker) ridiculed for his limited literacy.
  • The Raccoon
    Episode 10 - 48 mins
    After Laura's pet raccoon bites her and the dog, Charles and Caroline discover it is rabid.
  • The Voice of Tinker Jones
    Episode 11 - 49 mins
    A deaf coppersmith plans to end the controversy over a proposed church bell.
  • The Award
    Episode 12 - 49 mins
    Mary accidentally sets the barn on fire while cramming for an important school competition.
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd Part 1
    Episode 13 - 46 mins
    Feeling rejected, Laura does not pray for the recovery of her sickly newborn brother.
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd Part 2
    Episode 14 - 46 mins
    A mountain man helps Laura deal with her guilt over the baby's death.
  • Christmas at Plum Creek
    Episode 15 - 49 mins
    The Ingalls struggle with limited funds as they decide on Christmas gifts.
  • Family Quarrel
    Episode 16 - 49 mins
    The Olesons separate after arguing about the quality of the Ingalls' eggs.
  • Doctor's Lady
    Episode 17 - 49 mins
    Doc Baker falls in love treating Mrs. Oleson's niece for an injured arm.
  • The Circus Man
    Episode 18 - 49 mins
    A traveling showman hawks a supposedly medicinal powder from India.
  • Plague
    Episode 19 - 49 mins
    Doc Baker drafts Charles to help townspeople quarantined during a typhus outbreak.
  • Child of Pain
    Episode 20 - 48 mins
    Caroline volunteers Charles to keep a round-the-clock watch on a drunken, abusive father.
  • Money Crop
    Episode 21 - 49 mins
    A school-trained farmer (Alan Fudge) convinces Charles to switch from wheat to a new corn variety.
  • Survival
    Episode 22 - 49 mins
    A member of the Dakota tribe rescues Charles during a fierce blizzard.
  • To See the World
    Episode 23 - 48 mins
    A farm boy takes Mr. Edwards' tales to heart and heads to the big city.
  • Founder's Day
    Episode 24 - 48 mins
    A tough logger's (Forrest Tucker) disdain goads Charles into the Founder's Day chopping contest.

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