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The adventures of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver at home, school and around his suburban neighborhood with his family, Ward, June and Wally.
  • Wally Goes Steady
    Episode 1 - 25 mins
    Wally's parents fear the influence of a young, married couple on their son.
  • No Time for Baby Sitters
    Episode 2 - 25 mins
    Beaver is embarrassed about being put under the charge of a baby sitter.
  • Wally's Car
    Episode 3 - 25 mins
    Wally buys an old, ramshackle car.
  • Beaver's Birthday
    Episode 4 - 25 mins
    Beaver buys a model car with the $10 his Uncle Billy sent him.
  • Beaver's Cat Problem
    Episode 5 - 25 mins
    A neighbor's cat keeps returning to Beaver.
  • Wally's Weekend Job
    Episode 6 - 25 mins
    Eddie becomes envious of Wally's glamorous soda-fountain job.
  • Beaver Takes a Drive
    Episode 7 - 25 mins
    Beaver accidentally lets his parents' car roll into the street.
  • Wally's Big Date
    Episode 8 - 25 mins
    Eddie tricks Wally into trading dates for a high-school exchange dance.
  • Beaver's Ice Skates
    Episode 9 - 25 mins
    Beaver buys a pair of ice skates that are three sizes too large.
  • Weekend Invitation
    Episode 10 - 25 mins
    Wally is invited to spend the weekend at a friend's lakeside cottage -- without adult supervision.
  • Beaver's English Test
    Episode 11 - 25 mins
    Beaver inadvertently cheats on an English test.
  • Wally's Chauffeur
    Episode 12 - 25 mins
    Wally is embarrassed when it appears that his date is driving him to a dance.
  • Beaver's First Date
    Episode 13 - 25 mins
    Beaver asks a new girl to a dance party.
  • Ward's Golf Clubs
    Episode 14 - 25 mins
    Beaver accidentally breaks Ward's golf club.
  • Farewell to Penny
    Episode 15 - 25 mins
    Beaver is invited to a going-away party for the creepiest girl in school.
  • Beaver the Bunny
    Episode 16 - 25 mins
    Bunny-suited Beaver must walk to a class show.
  • Beaver's Electric Trains
    Episode 17 - 25 mins
    Beaver has a renewed interest in an old train set his mother plans to give away.
  • Beaver's Long Night
    Episode 18 - 25 mins
    Beaver and Gilbert get spooked by strangers after watching a scary movie.
  • Beaver's Jacket
    Episode 19 - 25 mins
    Beaver talks his parents into buying him an expensive jacket.
  • Nobody Loves Me
    Episode 20 - 25 mins
    Beaver thinks nobody likes him after discovering that he is at the "awkward age.".
  • Beaver's Fear
    Episode 21 - 25 mins
    Eddie scares Beaver with roller-coaster tales.
  • Three Boys and a Burro
    Episode 22 - 25 mins
    Beaver and his friends buy a burro.
  • Eddie Quits School
    Episode 23 - 25 mins
    Eddie quits school and gets a full-time job.
  • Wally Stays at Lumpy's
    Episode 24 - 25 mins
    The boys arrange each other's overnight plans.
  • Beaver's Laundry
    Episode 25 - 25 mins
    While helping a friend do his family's wash, Beaver pours a whole box of soap into the machine.
  • Lumpy's Car Trouble
    Episode 26 - 25 mins
    Lumpy uses Ward's car to drive Wally to an out-of-town track meet.
  • Beaver the Babysitter
    Episode 27 - 25 mins
    Beaver becomes the last-minute replacement for Wally on a baby-sitting job.
  • The Younger Brother
    Episode 28 - 25 mins
    Beaver tries to live up to Wally's reputation when he joins a basketball team.
  • Beaver's Typewriter
    Episode 29 - 25 mins
    Beaver convinces Ward to buy him a typewriter.
  • The Merchant Marine
    Episode 30 - 25 mins
    Ward and June fear that Wally wants to join the Merchant Marine.
  • Brother Versus Brother
    Episode 31 - 25 mins
    A girl whom Beaver likes falls for Wally.
  • Yard Birds
    Episode 32 - 25 mins
    Wally and Beaver are told they must clean up the yard before they can leave for the day.
  • Tennis, Anyone?
    Episode 33 - 25 mins
    Wally plays tennis with a girl who is out to spite her boyfriend.
  • One of the Boys
    Episode 34 - 25 mins
    Wally and Eddie are invited to join an exclusive social club.
  • Sweatshirt Monsters
    Episode 35 - 25 mins
    Beaver and his friends buy monster sweatshirts.
  • A Night in the Woods
    Episode 36 - 25 mins
    Lumpy and Eddie invade Beaver's camping trip.
  • Long Distance Call
    Episode 37 - 25 mins
    Beaver and his friends make a long-distance call to a baseball player.
  • Stocks and Bonds
    Episode 38 - 25 mins
    Wally and Beaver learn a lesson in economics when they invest in the stock market.
  • Un-Togetherness
    Episode 39 - 25 mins
    Wally receives permission to stay home during his family's annual vacation.

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