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Watch Law & Order. Detectives and prosecutors work to solve crimes and convict perpetrators. Stream full episodes of Law & Order and more drama tv on Peacock.
Sam Waterston, Jeffrey Donovan, Camryn Manheim

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In the complex process of determining guilt or innocence, New York detectives and prosecutors work to solve crimes and convict perpetrators while lives hang in the balance. Catch new episodes first on NBC.
  • Fame
    Episode 1 - 43 mins
    Tabloid photography might have played a role in a fatal burglary attempt.
  • Avatar
    Episode 2 - 42 mins
    An Internet photo of a murdered woman provokes a slew of 911 calls.
  • Home Sweet
    Episode 3 - 41 mins
    An 8-year-old girl dies when an Upper East Side brownstone explodes.
  • Fear America
    Episode 4 - 43 mins
    A man dies in an apparent hate-crime; but the suspect's lawyer tries to have the case thrown out.
  • Public Service Homicide
    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    A man dies after being identified on a newsmagazine program that was luring suspected pedophiles.
  • Profiteer
    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    A body-armor company executive is gunned down arriving at his daughter's sweet-16 party.
  • In Vino Veritas
    Episode 7 - 42 mins
    Police pull over a drunken celebrity in bloodstained clothing.
  • Release
    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    Chris Drake finds his friend dead on a party bus, making him an instant suspect.
  • Deadlock
    Episode 9 - 42 mins
    Detectives rush to apprehend a mass murderer who has escaped from prison.
  • Corner Office
    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    An attorney involved in a high-profile wire tapping case is found dead.
  • Remains of the Day
    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    The son of a model and tabloid queen dies of a brain tumor caused by bone replacement in his legs.
  • Charity Case
    Episode 12 - 41 mins
    The adopted infant of a soap opera star is central to a murder investigation.
  • Talking Points
    Episode 13 - 43 mins
    A college student is killed during a question-and-answer session.
  • Church
    Episode 14 - 43 mins
    A popular pastor is the prime suspect in a gay actor's death.
  • Melting Pot
    Episode 15 - 43 mins
    An actress is found hanging in her office; detectives discover that she suffered a blow to the head.
  • Murder Book
    Episode 16 - 43 mins
    A high-profile publisher is found dead after putting out a controversial book.
  • Good Faith
    Episode 17 - 42 mins
    Arson investigation becomes homicide when a body is found in a burned church.
  • Bling
    Episode 18 - 42 mins
    Detectives must find out if a rapper's murder was a random act.
  • Fallout
    Episode 19 - 43 mins
    The death of a Russian emigre seems to be an act of terrorism.
  • Captive
    Episode 20 - 43 mins
    Detectives suspect a former sexual predator of killing young boys.
  • Over Here
    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    Detectives investigate a possible connection between two homeless men's deaths.
  • The Family Hour
    Episode 22 - 43 mins
    A former senator is a suspect when his ex-wife is found dead the night after a fundraiser.

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