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Killing It

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Craig Robinson, Claudia O'Doherty, Rell Battle

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Craig Foster, a Miami bank security guard, enters a state-sponsored snake-hunting contest to achieve his American dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • What You Sow
    Episode 1 - 28 mins
    Unexpected visitors threaten to destroy Craig and Jillian's saw palmetto farm.
  • Mallory
    Episode 2 - 27 mins
    The Boones make their demands; Jillian must sacrifice a prized possession to save the farm.
  • It Follows
    Episode 3 - 31 mins
    A mistake awakens an evil force that threatens to destroy the new life Isaiah built for himself.
  • Help Me Pay My Bills
    Episode 4 - 33 mins
    Craig struggles to prove himself to Camille and the rich couple paying her to carry their baby.
  • Lying Flat
    Episode 5 - 30 mins
    Rodney Lamonca sends Craig, Jillian and Isaiah on a first-class business trip to San Diego.
  • Predatory
    Episode 6 - 29 mins
    Craig must team up with an unexpected ally to rescue Jillian from the Boones.
  • On the Inside
    Episode 7 - 36 mins
    Craig looks for the dongle; Jillian plans to escape; all of Isaiah's lies are brought to light.
  • Timber
    Episode 8 - 30 mins
    Craig tries to save Jillian and the farm but still must make one final, agonizing decision.

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