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Jerry Springer and his outrageous guests engage in lively and often tasteless discussion, complete with bleeped profanity and chair throwing.
  • Surprise, I Have A Bisexual Lover

    Episode 1 - 40 mins
    Mary Jane cheated on George with a woman; Tanya loves Sheri and tells her husband.
  • Wife Discovers Husband's Secret Family

    Episode 2 - 41 mins
    Ron left Stacie when she was eight months pregnant for Audrey.
  • Honey, I'm Really a Guy

    Episode 3 - 39 mins
    Tyson discovers Deja is a man; Kenny finds out Sabrina was born a man.
  • Woman in Labor Confronts Mistress

    Episode 4 - 40 mins
    An update on a past guest who confronted her lover's mistress while in labor.
  • Stripper Wars

    Episode 5 - 40 mins
    Lee threatens to call off the wedding if their fiancé doesn't stop going to strip clubs.
  • Cheaters Come Clean

    Episode 6 - 40 mins
    Candice confronts Nikki for sleeping with her man; Mike suspects Moon has been cheating on him.
  • I Have Too Many Lovers

    Episode 7 - 40 mins
    David's love triangle is about to fall apart; Barb confronts Tony about his lingering ex.
  • Holiday Hell Feast

    Episode 8 - 39 mins
    Melody hates that her sister Amanda is dating a 54-year-old biker and loser named Wolf.
  • I Have a Secret for My Man

    Episode 9 - 40 mins
    Friends have been keeping a secret from their boyfriends.
  • I'll Never Let You Go

    Episode 10 - 40 mins
    Woman catches her fiancée living with another woman; a pregnant woman confronts her ex-boyfriend.
  • Homewreckers Confronted

    Episode 11 - 39 mins
    Linda's ex-best friend is trying to steal her man; Sherry wants her boyfriend's wife and family out.
  • I'll Fight for My Man

    Episode 12 - 40 mins
    Rochelle confronts her ex and the other woman; Liz is bent on ruining her man's relationship.
  • My Lover Is a Cheat

    Episode 13 - 40 mins
    Trey's two lovers finally meet; Tina discovers her man cheated with her cousin.
  • Guess What... I'm a Man

    Episode 14 - 40 mins
    Shawn and Gina have been dating for months, but she has a secret; Imani confesses to both boyfriends.
  • I've Had Enough… It's Over

    Episode 15 - 40 mins
    Desiree and Kim share Chango; Mark confronts his lying ex-girlfriend who wants him back.
  • I Have a Sexy Secret

    Episode 16 - 41 mins
    Tiffany's lovers are here today; Jimmy and his girlfriend's best friend have been messing around.
  • Get Your Own Man

    Episode 17 - 41 mins
    Scott's girlfriends both propose to him; Amanda wants her boyfriend back; Henry cheats with a man.
  • Your Man Wants Me

    Episode 18 - 40 mins
    Dan wants Heather back; Ginny wants Tim back; Shenidia won't let another woman steal her man.
  • I Slept with Your Lover

    Episode 19 - 39 mins
    Lexie stops her husband's ex from ruining their marriage; Patrick cheats on Tara but loves her.
  • I'm Here to Divorce You

    Episode 20 - 41 mins
    Stephanie's pregnant and is unsure if her husband or boyfriend is the father.
  • Attack of the Ex-lovers

    Episode 21 - 41 mins
    Kim wants to get rid of her husband's ex; Daron loves Jessica but is still with Sarah.
  • I Have Another Lover

    Episode 22 - 41 mins
    James admits that he's cheating with Melanie; Jewel and Christa compete for Mistress Shock's love.
  • Newlyweds Headed for Divorce

    Episode 23 - 40 mins
    Misty wants to pay for her best friend's divorce; Lucas wants a divorce due to his wife's family.
  • Dump Your Cheating Lover

    Episode 24 - 40 mins
    Niki begs Margerie to leave cheating her husband; Chris sees Rhonda, but she leaves him.
  • I Share My Lover

    Episode 25 - 40 mins
    Beth allowed Eric to sleep with her sister, now both sisters want him.
  • Lovers vs. Mistresses

    Episode 26 - 39 mins
    Lisa is annoyed by her boyfriend's ex, Sarah; Angelina's husband cheats while she's pregnant.
  • Torn Between Two Lovers

    Episode 27 - 39 mins
    Mark must choose between his wife and lover; Michelle dumps her lover for an ex.
  • Wives Battle Mistresses

    Episode 28 - 39 mins
    Vicki tells her husband and his lover to choose; Anna admits she's trying to steal Misty's husband.
  • I'm Hiding a Sexy Secret

    Episode 29 - 40 mins
    Jeause tells Erin that he'll leave her for Monica; Stephanie tells Mike about her big secret.
  • Ex-Lovers Confronted

    Episode 30 - 40 mins
    A look at why Chris and Shawn moved; Jerome explains why he cheats.
  • Mistresses Attack

    Episode 31 - 39 mins
    Benny is cheating on Tamika with his ex; Maria is done with Tim's meddling ex-mistress Jackie.
  • My Pimp Runs My Family

    Episode 32 - 40 mins
    Heaven and her two girls work for April's boyfriend; family members try to get to these women.
  • My Uncle Stole My Wife

    Episode 33 - 40 mins
    A woman engages in adulterous activities with her husband's uncle.
  • 600 Pound Angry Mom

    Episode 34 - 40 mins
    Donna is desperate to lose weight and confronts her family about being responsible.
  • Bizarre Jobs

    Episode 35 - 40 mins
    Heaven and Justin confess their love; Joan wants to know why Mistress Flame likes her line of work.

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