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Host Jo Koy celebrates the art of being a prankster and when pranks cross the line while presenting some of the Internet's best viral videos.
  • Tough Brotherly Love
    Episode 1 - 20 mins
    Jo Koy explains why brothers exist to make one's life suck and how to mess with them on a daily basis.
  • Till Death Do Us Prank
    Episode 2 - 16 mins
    Jo Koy changes wedding vows to "till death do us prank."
  • Trust Issues
    Episode 3 - 17 mins
    Host Jo Koy explains why trustworthy people make the best pranksters.
  • Work Sucks
    Episode 4 - 16 mins
    Host Jo Koy hammers home what everyone knows, work sucks.
  • Family Bulls...
    Episode 5 - 18 mins
    Host Jo Koy believes it's all about family.
  • Didn't See That Coming
    Episode 6 - 16 mins
    Host Jo Koy explains that great pranks are sneaky ones.
  • What You Got in There?
    Episode 7 - 19 mins
    Host Jo Koy shows why mystery is a big part of pranking.
  • That S...t's Twisted
    Episode 8 - 16 mins
    Host Jo Koy gives up the key to recognizing quality pranks.
  • That's Gonna Leave a Mark
    Episode 9 - 16 mins
    Host Jo Koy criticizes pranks that are over in seconds.
  • Endless Torture
    Episode 10 - 16 mins
    Host Jo Koy showcases pranks that provide never-ending torture.

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