Drama4 SeasonsTV14
Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Robert Knepper
Ordinary people begin to find that they possess extraordinary powers.
  • Four Months Later
    Four Months Later
    Episode 152 mins
    Showdowns with Sylar affect the fates of Peter, Nathan and Matt; a new sinister force begins stalking heroes; twins Maya and Alejandro search for help coping with their deadly abilities.
  • Lizards
    Episode 243 mins
    Matt enlists unlikely help as the attacks on people with abilities continue; Claire's efforts to hide her healing power at her new high-school are in danger; as part of his new job, Suresh must track down the Haitian.
  • Kindred
    Episode 343 mins
    Upon his return to New York, Suresh finds a previously undiscovered painting that foretells the death of someone close to him; Claire and H.R.G. pursue their own agendas; Maya uses her deadly abilities to free Alejandro from a Mexican prison.
  • The Kindness of Strangers
    The Kindness of Strangers
    Episode 443 mins
    A new hero emerges in New Orleans; Angela Petrelli makes a shocking confession as new information about the heroes is revealed; Maya and Alejandro make a grim discovery.
  • Fight or Flight
    Fight or Flight
    Episode 543 mins
    In Ireland, a lost hero discovers that a mysterious woman (Kristen Bell) is willing to kill to find him; Matt and an unexpected ally fly to Philadelphia to hunt down the "boogeyman"; Monica tries to come to terms with her new abilities.
  • The Line
    The Line
    Episode 642 mins
    West convinces Claire to teach the head cheerleader a lesson; Suresh faces a moral dilemma with the Company.Suresh faces a moral dilemma with the Company.
  • Out of Time
    Out of Time
    Episode 743 mins
    A sudden manifestation of one of Peter's forgotten abilities throws him and Caitlin into a crisis situation; heroes band together to fend off the "nightmare man"; West learns who kidnapped him as a child; Hiro's journey takes a dramatic turn.
  • Four Months Ago
    Four Months Ago
    Episode 842 mins
    The calendar turns back four months, and Nathan must pay a terrible price for his heroic deeds; D.L. sacrifices for Nikki and Micah; Maya manifests her dark powers for the first time.
  • Cautionary Tales
    Cautionary Tales
    Episode 942 mins
    H.R.G. prepares the family to run, believing the Company is hot on its trail; Hiro returns to the present and learns of his father's death; Suresh makes a decision that could change lives.
  • Truth & Consequences
    Truth & Consequences
    Episode 1041 mins
    Peter tries to destroy the virus he believes will kill most of the world's population; Niki has bad news for Micah; Hiro goes after his father's killer; Matt uses his abilities to track down the last person in the Company photo.
  • Powerless
    Episode 1143 mins
    Peter, Nathan, Matt and Hiro clash because of Adam's pursuit of the deadly virus; Micah turns to his mother to help save Monica; Maya learns how much of a monster Sylar is; Elle tries to get back into her father's good graces.

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