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  • Genesis
    Episode 143 mins
    A genetics professor discovers that there are people with superpowers.
  • Don't Look Back
    Episode 242 mins
    A Los Angeles policeman hears the cries of a little girl on his beat.
  • One Giant Leap
    Episode 343 mins
    Claire's social life suffers when her romance with a quarterback takes a tragic turn.
  • Collision
    Episode 443 mins
    Suresh locates one of his father's genetically advanced supermen.
  • Hiro's
    Episode 543 mins
    The police arrive on Niki's doorstep, looking for her fugitive husband.
  • Better Halves
    Episode 643 mins
    A Las Vegas high-roller offers Hiro and his friend a deal they cannot refuse.
  • Nothing to Hide
    Episode 743 mins
    Distraught Niki reveals her recent personal struggles to a friend.
  • Seven Minutes to Midnight
    Episode 843 mins
    Suresh questions his future when dreams of the past trouble him.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 943 mins
    Claire's homecoming celebration becomes a frightening night for many.
  • Six Months Ago
    Episode 1043 mins
    Mohinder's father begins his search for people with amazing abilities.
  • Fallout
    Episode 1143 mins
    The tragic events in Texas have serious repercussions for many of the heroes.
  • Godsend
    Episode 1243 mins
    Nathan seeks Simone's help to save comatose Peter; Hiro and Ando seek the sword.
  • The Fix
    Episode 1343 mins
    Cleaned-up Isaac dedicates himself to stopping New York's destruction.
  • Distractions
    Episode 1443 mins
    Hiro struggles to make his father understand his new calling.
  • Run!
    Episode 1543 mins
    Claire's adoptive mother faces a crisis as the truth about her biological father comes out.
  • Unexpected
    Episode 1643 mins
    Peter learns that someone close to him may have betrayed him.
  • Company Man
    Episode 1743 mins
    Matt and Ted Sprague take H.R.G. and his family hostage in their search for answers.
  • Parasite
    Episode 1843 mins
    With the election looming, Nathan has a disturbing meeting with Linderman.
  • .07 Percent
    Episode 1943 mins
    Sylar's rampage continues; Nathan weighs what he has learned from Linderman.
  • Five Years Gone
    Episode 2043 mins
    In the future, people with extraordinary abilities are imprisoned.
  • The Hard Part
    Episode 2143 mins
    Hiro and Ando's get a test; Nathan takes surprising steps to guarantee his election.
  • Landslide
    Episode 2243 mins
    Nathan considers the cost of his election to Congress to those he loves.
  • How to Stop an Exploding Man
    Episode 2343 mins
    People with extraordinary abilities face moments of pain and peril.
  • Four Months Later
    Episode 143 mins
    Showdowns with Sylar affect the fates of Peter, Nathan and Matt.
  • Lizards
    Episode 243 mins
    Matt enlists unlikely help as the attacks on people with abilities continue.
  • Kindred
    Episode 343 mins
    Suresh finds a painting that foretells the death of someone close to him.
  • The Kindness of Strangers
    Episode 443 mins
    A new hero emerges in New Orleans; Angela Petrelli makes a shocking confession.
  • Fight or Flight
    Episode 543 mins
    A lost hero discovers that a mysterious woman is willing to kill to find him.
  • The Line
    Episode 642 mins
    West convinces Claire to teach the head cheerleader a lesson.
  • Out of Time
    Episode 743 mins
    A sudden manifestation of one of Peter's forgotten abilities throws him into a crisis situation.
  • Four Months Ago
    Episode 842 mins
    The calendar turns back four months, and Nathan must pay a terrible price for his heroic deeds.
  • Cautionary Tales
    Episode 942 mins
    H.R.G. prepares the family to run, believing the Company is hot on its trail.
  • Truth & Consequences
    Episode 1041 mins
    Peter tries to destroy the virus he believes will kill most of the world's population.
  • Powerless
    Episode 1143 mins
    Peter, Nathan, Matt and Hiro clash because of Adam's pursuit of the deadly virus.
  • The Second Coming
    Episode 143 mins
    The identity of the shooter is revealed, throwing Peter and Matt into uncharted territory.
  • The Butterfly Effect
    Episode 243 mins
    The identity of the shooter is revealed, throwing Peter and Matt into uncharted territory.
  • One of Us, One of Them
    Episode 343 mins
    Suresh finds himself unprepared when an experiment yields unexpected results.
  • I Am Become Death
    Episode 443 mins
    Peter, trying to save a world destined for destruction, takes on a dark, dangerous ability.
  • Angels and Monsters
    Episode 543 mins
    Claire tries to take down her first villain; Hiro tries to become friends with Daphne and Knox.
  • Dying of the Light
    Episode 643 mins
    Hiro and the others seize upon offers to join rival company Pinehearst Industries.
  • Eris Quod Sum
    Episode 741 mins
    Nathan and Tracy try to free themselves, Maya, and Suresh's other test subjects.
  • Villains
    Episode 842 mins
    Hiro follows Arthur Petrelli into the past to find out what drove him to create Pinehearst.
  • It's Coming
    Episode 942 mins
    Arthur Petrelli tells Flint and Knox to hunt down Peter and Claire.
  • The Eclipse
    Episode 1041 mins
    An eclipse casts a shadow over the heroes, impacting their abilities.
  • The Eclipse
    Episode 1142 mins
    Sylar and Elle face off against H.R.G while Claire struggles to survive.
  • Our Father
    Episode 1243 mins
    Peter and the Haitian try to get rid Arthur Petrelli for good.
  • Dual
    Episode 1343 mins
    Sylar holds Claire, H.R.G., Meredith and Angela hostage at Primatech.
  • A Clear and Present Danger
    Episode 1443 mins
    Claire discovers a deadly plot orchestrated by Nathan to capture people with abilities.
  • Trust and Blood
    Episode 1541 mins
    Matt's paintings of prophetic images reveal the tragic fate of someone close to him.
  • Building 26
    Episode 1643 mins
    Homeland Security begins an investigation that could expose Nathan's plans.
  • Cold Wars
    Episode 1742 mins
    Matt forces H.R.G to reveal how he got involved with Nathan's plot.
  • Exposed
    Episode 1843 mins
    Matt and Peter, acting on a tip from Rebel, race to Building 26 to rescue Daphne.
  • Shades of Gray
    Episode 1943 mins
    Sylar's reunion with his long-lost father is not what he expected; Claire gets a tip from Rebel.
  • Cold Snap
    Episode 2043 mins
    H.R.G. convinces Emile Danko to release Tracy, in hopes that she will lead them to "Rebel."
  • Into Asylum
    Episode 2143 mins
    Nathan and Claire go into hiding in Mexico; Danko's plan is set into motion.
  • Turn and Face the Strange
    Episode 2243 mins
    Hiro and Ando have a special delivery for Matt Parkman; Angela unearths demons from her past.
  • 1961
    Episode 2343 mins
    Mohinder learns that his father was involved in a government operation.
  • I Am Sylar
    Episode 2443 mins
    Sylar's new ability begins to take its toll on him as he continues his unusual partnership.
  • An Invisible Thread
    Episode 2543 mins
    Hiro discovers that there are consequences to regaining his abilities.
  • Orientation
    Episode 143 mins
    Claire goes to college; Ando and Hiro start a Hero-for-hire agency; Peter becomes an EMT.
  • Jump, Push, Fall
    Episode 243 mins
    Angela worries that Nathan will discover his true identity; an unexpected visitor haunts Matt.
  • Ink
    Episode 343 mins
    While facing the unexpected consequences of his heroic acts, Peter meets a reluctant new hero.
  • Acceptance
    Episode 442 mins
    Hiro focuses on saving the lives of others; Angela tries to help Nathan remember his past.
  • Hysterical Blindness
    Episode 543 mins
    Claire thinks her roommate might have a hidden agenda; Peter finds a way to connect with Emma.
  • Tabula Rasa
    Episode 643 mins
    Sylar starts on a path to rediscover his true identity; Hiro shows Emma the possibilities.
  • Strange Attractors
    Episode 743 mins
    Sylar continues to torment Matt; H.R.G. asks Tracy for a favor; Gretchen and Claire are hazed.
  • Once Upon a Time in Texas
    Episode 843 mins
    When Hiro travels three years into the past, he gets a second chance to save Charlie from Sylar.
  • Shadowboxing
    Episode 942 mins
    Claire is determined to get to the bottom of the attacks; Peter's new ability fits his job.
  • Brother's Keeper
    Episode 1042 mins
    Samuel discovers how powerful he can become; Tracy starts to lose control of her ability.
  • Thanksgiving
    Episode 1143 mins
    H.R.G. hosts an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner; Lydia searches for the truth.
  • The Fifth Stage
    Episode 1243 mins
    Unexpected visitors greet H.R.G.; Samuel's plan starts to come to fruition.
  • Upon This Rock
    Episode 1342 mins
    As Claire becomes immersed in the world of the carnival, she becomes suspicious of Samuel's motives.
  • Let It Bleed
    Episode 1441 mins
    A restored Sylar seeks out the carnival to obtain a new batch of powers; discovers a new weakness.
  • Close to You
    Episode 1541 mins
    H.R.G. exposes Samuel's biggest weakness in an attempt to take him down.
  • Pass/Fail
    Episode 1642 mins
    Hiro subconsciously deals with some of his past decisions as his brain tumor worsens.
  • The Art of Deception
    Episode 1743 mins
    H.R.G. enacts his plan to take down the carnival; Sylar visits Matt.
  • The Wall
    Episode 1843 mins
    Fueled by his vision of Emma in danger, Peter tries to rescue Sylar; H.R.G.'s past is revealed.
  • Brave New World
    Episode 1942 mins
    Everyone bands together to try to stop Samuel from taking the lives of thousands.

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