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  • Great Outdoors
    Episode 123 mins
    Gadget tips for making the great outdoors more entertaining and more bearable for novices.
  • Rise and Shine
    Episode 223 mins
    Richard Ayoade investigates the drudgery and tedium of getting up and getting ready in the morning.
  • Child's Play
    Episode 323 mins
    Richard Ayoade looks at the exhausting world of parenting and tests new innovative devices.
  • Summer Holiday
    Episode 423 mins
    Richard looks at gadgets designed to make holidays less stressful as he travels to France.
  • Home Improvement
    Episode 523 mins
    Richard is not a fan of DIY, believing that gadgets should be able to do all the work for you.
  • Downsizing
    Episode 623 mins
    Richard attempts to prove that small is beautiful by demonstrating the world's smallest gadgets.
  • Weather
    Episode 123 mins
    Richard Ayoade takes on the worst of the British weather with the help of comedian Tim Vine.
  • Public Transport
    Episode 223 mins
    Richard Ayoade turns his attention to the noise, dirt and discomfort on public transport.
  • Staycation
    Episode 323 mins
    Richard Ayoade faces one of his personal Waterloos, the staycation holiday.
  • Shopping
    Episode 423 mins
    Richard Ayoade assesses whether gadgets can ease the pain of shopping.
  • Self-Improvement
    Episode 523 mins
    Richard investigates whether he can make himself a brighter, better man with the aid of gadgetry.
  • Staying In
    Episode 623 mins
    Richard faces one of life's proven pressure points, the property conundrum of "move or improve."
  • Cooking and Dining Out
    Episode 723 mins
    Richard Ayoade confronts the horror of cooking as he attempts to create his very own utopian eatery.
  • Property
    Episode 823 mins
    An army of window cleaning robots helps Richard get the gadget house ready for viewings.
  • The Weekend
    Episode 123 mins
    Richard examines how to make the most of your weekend by getting technology to help with the chores.
  • 9-5
    Episode 223 mins
    Richard Ayoade tries to find out if there are devices to make our work-life balance more equal.
  • Date Night
    Episode 323 mins
    Richard Ayoade is joined by comedians Katherine Ryan and Tom Rosenthal to try out dating gadgets.
  • Health and Safety
    Episode 423 mins
    Richard test drives a wallet tracker, a vest to make you look more muscled and a bulletproof bag.

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