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Frick, I Love Nature

Frick, I Love Nature

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Host and big kid at heart, Gordie Lucius, has peculiar and eccentric questions about animals in nature and sets out to find the answers.
  • Ants

    Episode 1 - 19 mins
    Gordie sticks his hand in an ant hill, wages an ant war and learns where ants get the nerve.
  • City Animals

    Episode 2 - 18 mins
    Gordie climbs into a garbage can, learns about geese and chills with some city raccoons.
  • Incredible Aquatic Camouflage

    Episode 3 - 19 mins
    Gordie pets an octopus, learns about sneaky ocean animals and goes invisible.
  • How Microbes Rule Your World

    Episode 4 - 20 mins
    Gordie gets rabies, learns about the origin of all life and takes some poo pills.
  • The Evolutionary Dance of Genitals

    Episode 5 - 18 mins
    Gordie learns about sperm selection and hyena genitals.
  • Can Animals Be Deceptive?

    Episode 6 - 18 mins
    Gordie pranks a scientist, learns about tricky beetles and that cuttlefish aren't fish.
  • How Animals Navigate Their Worlds

    Episode 7 - 19 mins
    Gordie goes hang gliding and learns about magic pigeons and freaky tentacle noses.
  • What Lives in the Arctic

    Episode 8 - 19 mins
    The Arctic is one of the harshest environments on earth; exploring how life survives in the Arctic.

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