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Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, Carter Redwood

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation's International Fly Team travels the world with the mission of tracking and neutralizing threats against American citizens wherever they may be.
  • Pilot

    Episode 1 - 42 mins
    The team heads to Croatia to capture a fugitive who escaped to Zagreb with a 14-year-old girl.
  • The Edge

    Episode 2 - 39 mins
    A young mother flees to Hungary with her son after losing partial custody of her son in the U.S.
  • Secrets as Weapons

    Episode 3 - 40 mins
    The team investigates after a shipment of cryptocurrency is hijacked.
  • American Optimism

    Episode 4 - 39 mins
    An American citizen seeks sanctuary at Madrid's U.S. embassy after his boyfriend is murdered.
  • The Soul of Chess

    Episode 5 - 42 mins
    An American journalist is poisoned after his attempt to meet with an anonymous source in Poland.
  • The Secrets She Knows

    Episode 6 - 42 mins
    The team must find a missing intelligence negotiator before secrets fall into the wrong hands.
  • Trying to Grab Smoke

    Episode 7 - 41 mins
    When the founder of an illegal website is killed in Prague, the team searches for his co-founder.
  • Voice of the People

    Episode 8 - 41 mins
    A group of Americans are among the victims of a bombing at a festival in Budapest.
  • One Kind of Madman

    Episode 9 - 42 mins
    Terrorists hold hostage for millions in cryptocurrency a concert hall filled with performers.
  • Close to the Sun

    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    One of Kellett's informants is arrested and calls her to help clear his name.
  • Chew Toy

    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    Forrester receives an unusual message from an unknown sender.
  • One Point One Million Followers

    Episode 12 - 41 mins
    A notorious American tech tycoon becomes involved in a murder in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Snakes

    Episode 13 - 42 mins
    A couple flees to Albania while awaiting sentencing for bilking millions from the U.S. government.
  • The Kill List

    Episode 14 - 42 mins
    The team must keep the U.S. attorney general safe while she's in Hungary for an important meeting.
  • Shouldn't Have Left Her

    Episode 15 - 41 mins
    When Raines' sister goes missing, he goes rogue to find her, putting everything on the line.
  • Left of Boom

    Episode 16 - 41 mins
    Vo is found at the scene where a Hungarian gambling regulator was murdered.
  • Uprooting

    Episode 17 - 40 mins
    An American vintner is shot and killed on his wine estate in France.
  • On These Waters

    Episode 18 - 42 mins
    Gunmen mount a frenzied attack on an American-owned river cruise ship.
  • Get That Revolution Started

    Episode 19 - 41 mins
    The team works to hunt down the sniper responsible for killing an American.
  • Black Penguin

    Episode 20 - 41 mins
    The 19-year-old son of an American billionaire is found unresponsive in his apartment.
  • Crestfallen

    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    A private jet carrying American citizens is shot down outside a small town in Poland.

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