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Rafael Amaya, Carmen Aub, Robinson Díaz

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When Aurelio Casillas sets out to become the richest and most feared drug lord in Mexico, he must be willing to do anything to stay in power. This content is presented in its original Spanish language audio with English subtitles available.
  • Frontal Attack

    Episode 88 - 84 mins
    You pay betrayal with betrayal; Zambrana lied all his life and it will cost him dearly.
  • Zambrana's Puppet

    Episode 87 - 43 mins
    Removing his ancestors gives Aurelio the tools he needs to discover the enemy.
  • Intercepted

    Episode 86 - 42 mins
    A call from Belize leaves Mecha exposed; DEA goes for her
  • On a Silver Platter

    Episode 85 - 43 mins
    Now that Zambrana knows Tracy Lobo is a DEA agent, he takes a deal.
  • Lie After Lie

    Episode 84 - 43 mins
    The truth always comes to light; Tracy Lobo does her best to save her own life.
  • The Beast in You

    Episode 83 - 43 mins
    The Casillas and Tracy fight to the death, but Mecha is there to give her life for Aurelio.
  • Eyes Everywhere

    Episode 82 - 43 mins
    Tracy is ready to catch Casillas but negotiates with her boss Manzano first
  • The Trap

    Episode 81 - 43 mins
    To attract Casillas, Tracy Lobo hides Mecha and provokes him; he asks for proof of life.
  • The Best Bait

    Episode 80 - 43 mins
    Aurelio combs the area while Tracy tortures Mecha; she attacks her physically and psychologically
  • Out of Control

    Episode 79 - 43 mins
    Tracy adjusts Roberta’s body and is ready for the next step: to catch Casillas.
  • Nothing Is Impossible

    Episode 78 - 42 mins
    Tracy Lobo's operation includes breaking action protocols, stalking and killing her prey.
  • Sidekicks By Force

    Episode 77 - 43 mins
    Tracy Lobo is the target; Colon has to find her and get in touch with the person who will do the dirty job.
  • I'll Live in Your Dreams

    Episode 76 - 43 mins
    Javi is surrounded, the DEA insists he surrenders and he makes an important call.
  • Reinforcements for Tijuana

    Episode 75 - 42 mins
    The Casillas design a strategy to catch Tracy; Colon doesn't want to leave her alone.
  • Shared Enemy

    Episode 74 - 42 mins
    Colon gives vital information to Aurelio; the enemy is closer than he thinks.
  • The Curtain Goes Up and Down

    Episode 73 - 42 mins
    Drinks come and go at El Milagrito, and the element of surprise unsettles the Casillas.
  • Blood Calls

    Episode 72 - 42 mins
    Aurelio convinces Said, the historian, to help him investigate his origins.
  • El Milagrito

    Episode 71 - 43 mins
    It's the official opening of El Milagrito bar, and La Tata is happy, but Ismael is not so much
  • The Chosen One

    Episode 70 - 43 mins
    With the help of an expert, Aurelio wants to inquire about his ancestors.
  • With Her Last Breath

    Episode 69 - 42 mins
    Corina slurs the name of her assassin; Colon asks for help from the dark side of the force
  • Silence Is Urgent

    Episode 68 - 43 mins
    Angel has Saldaña as his next target; he is ready to accomplish the mission
  • What the Captain Says Goes

    Episode 67 - 43 mins
    Aurelio arrives in Colombia to persuade Javi to go back to Mexico.
  • A Surprise Visit to Miraflores

    Episode 66 - 42 mins
    Aurelio leaves Venezuela's president speechless when he sneaks into his office; the border is on fire.
  • Javi Stirs Up the Hornet's Nest

    Episode 65 - 43 mins
    In the middle of the jungle, Javi calls the press to show the world the mass graves.
  • My Way

    Episode 64 - 43 mins
    Aurelio wants Mecha and their son to live with him to protect them, but convincing her is not easy.
  • A New Hope

    Episode 63 - 42 mins
    Aurelio hears about Mecha’s fainting, and he comes to conclusions.
  • Loose End

    Episode 62 - 42 mins
    Tracy manages not to be found out, but the death threat continues.
  • Two Faces

    Episode 61 - 42 mins
    La Soberana offers Aurelio her help to settle the score with the woman from DEA.
  • You Don't Fool Me

    Episode 60 - 42 mins
    Blindfolded and accompanied by Aurelio’s guardians, La Soberana arrives on the date with him.
  • Super Javi's Revenge

    Episode 59 - 42 mins
    An honest conversation with Pablos confirms that Javi is incorruptible and goes for his target.
  • Undercover

    Episode 58 - 42 mins
    Aurelio demands Caridad and Saade make clear what side they are playing for.
  • Settling of Scores

    Episode 57 - 42 mins
    The DEA agents that harass Mecha are identified with a hidden camera.
  • I Will Be Your Protector

    Episode 56 - 42 mins
    Aurelio accepts that Mecha is not obligated to live a life she doesn't want.
  • High-level Pressure

    Episode 55 - 43 mins
    Casillas uses his best resource; he threatens the president of Mexico.
  • Everything Points to Ismael

    Episode 54 - 76 mins
    DEA starts the raid to capture Ismael; El Greñas sends an alert.
  • Aurelio Goes Hunting

    Episode 53 - 39 mins
    Casilla assures nobody can stop what will happen; like a hunter, he is searching for his prey.
  • Killer Instinct

    Episode 52 - 40 mins
    Mecha makes Artemia a promise; meanwhile, Aurelio is out of his mind.
  • This Is the Real Life

    Episode 51 - 40 mins
    Aurelio and Mecha wake up together; then, he gives her bad news.
  • Proposal in Paradise

    Episode 50 - 40 mins
    Aurelio wants to spend his life with Mecha, but she tells him they are living a fantasy.
  • Away from Reality

    Episode 49 - 39 mins
    A beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere is the idyllic stage for Mecha and Aurelio.
  • Casilla's Weak Spot

    Episode 48 - 40 mins
    Mecha is Aurelio's informant, and when he looks for her, somebody else is watching.
  • Love Without Frontiers

    Episode 47 - 42 mins
    Mecha's curiosity has no limits, and she wants to know more about Corina; she goes to the hospital with Roberta.
  • Silence at Any Cost

    Episode 46 - 42 mins
    Manzano and Colon have reasons to be suspicious of Tracy; they corner her.
  • More than a Wish, a Reality

    Episode 45 - 42 mins
    Among hugs and kisses, Aurelio wakes up with Mecha; admiration is mutual.
  • Learning to Fly

    Episode 44 - 42 mins
    With no pilot in the middle of the flight, Aurelio helps Javi land the airplane.
  • Air Emergency

    Episode 43 - 42 mins
    Rutila flies to Colombia to save Javi, but the rescue operation becomes complicated.
  • Corina, Don't Go

    Episode 42 - 42 mins
    Colon and Aurelio are face-to-face; Corina is badly injured, and her vital signs are fading.
  • Against the Clock

    Episode 41 - 42 mins
    Aurelio makes a promise to Mecha before going with Ismael in search of Corina.
  • Change of Plans

    Episode 40 - 42 mins
    Mecha decides not to leave Mexicali and wait for Aurelio; he has to deal with Corina’s disappearance.
  • Cover the Needs

    Episode 39 - 40 mins
    Jaime goes on an adventure with Dalila, who helps him to test his limits.
  • Farewell

    Episode 38 - 43 mins
    Javi recognizes he was rude to Rutila, but there is no other woman he has loved as much.
  • Motherly Advice

    Episode 37 - 43 mins
    Aurelio feels the presence of Doña Alba; he has a deep conversation with her.
  • Old Acquaintances

    Episode 36 - 42 mins
    Corina is about to give the best hint to Aurelio, but she is attacked by behind
  • The Fish Dies By Its Mouth

    Episode 35 - 42 mins
    Tracy Lobo, disguised as ‘La Soberana,’ has only one goal: to deceive and catch Casillas.
  • Sleeping with the Enemy

    Episode 34 - 43 mins
    Diana tries to prevent Berenice from getting back together with Jaime, but Berenice feels like she has been kidnapped.
  • Sixth Sense

    Episode 33 - 43 mins
    After meeting Mecha, Rutila warns Aurelio that she is hiding something from him
  • Sovereign Spirit

    Episode 32 - 43 mins
    Disguising herself as 'La Soberana,' Tracy achieves her goal: meet with the Casillas.
  • You Will Pay with Blood

    Episode 31 - 43 mins
    Aurelio sneaks into Aguirre’s offices; he must find who ordered the attack.
  • The Perfect Move

    Episode 30 - 43 mins
    Aguirre advances in his plan; victimizing himself pushes him into Rutila's arms.
  • You Suggest, I Decide

    Episode 29 - 43 mins
    Aurelio again listens to why Mecha doesn’t want to be with him.
  • This Is Not for Me

    Episode 28 - 43 mins
    Mecha tries to end her relationship with Aurelio; too much violence doesn't suit her well.
  • Love in Flames

    Episode 27 - 46 mins
    Things go too far; Corina suffers because of Aurelio; Fernando paves the way with Rutila.
  • Following the Trail

    Episode 26 - 43 mins
    Corina steals information; she has a crucial lead for Aurelio and his desire for revenge.
  • Clear and Present Danger

    Episode 25 - 43 mins
    A criminal gang wants to eliminate Mecha for her involvement in the migrants' escape.
  • All-Powerful

    Episode 24 - 43 mins
    Casillas orders Jaime Rosales, the governor, to stop the DEA’s operation.
  • I'm Not In

    Episode 23 - 43 mins
    Even knowing she will upset Aurelio, Diana gives him a last-minute condition.
  • Father's Duty

    Episode 22 - 43 mins
    Mecha questions Aurelio about the massacre in Mexico City, and he admits he was there.
  • No More Bullets

    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    Aurelio brings the family together and orders them to stay alert after the massacre.
  • Unknown Territory

    Episode 20 - 42 mins
    Before facing Ismael’s assaulters, Aurelio asks Corina to join him.
  • Revengefulness

    Episode 19 - 43 mins
    Zambrana has waited too much; she demands Fernando attempt against Ismael’s life.
  • I Am the Lord of the Skies

    Episode 18 - 43 mins
    Aurelio pays for Mecha’s bail; out of jail, she can't stop questioning him.
  • Make No Mistake

    Episode 17 - 43 mins
    Caridad feels attracted by Aurelio, and ‘La Felina’ gives her good advice.
  • A Decent Woman or a Dealer?

    Episode 16 - 43 mins
    Tracy Lobo has power, and she is going to use it against Mecha.
  • For the Family's Sake

    Episode 15 - 43 mins
    Aurelio proposes to Diana to hand herself over to the United States authorities.
  • Erasing the Past

    Episode 14 - 43 mins
    Jaime is figuring out a way to erase Berenice’s memory completely.
  • Attack Is the Best Defense

    Episode 13 - 43 mins
    At Luz Marina Casillas' funeral, Aurelio swears he will get revenge in the name of the women that left a mark on his life.
  • We Can Just See Faces

    Episode 12 - 43 mins
    Fate gets them together again, ‘La Felina’ can’t believe what she sees.
  • Double Agent

    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    Suspicions point to Corina Saldaña as the mole; her position at the DEA hangs by a thread.
  • The Walking Legend

    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    Alfaro receives the hospital security video as Aurelio Casillas's proof of life.
  • Code Lazaro

    Episode 9 - 43 mins
    Corina discovers the secret project where the fake death of Aurelio Casillas was fabricated.
  • Supernatural

    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    Full of disbelief, speculations circulate everywhere, and Ismael receives the worst part.
  • From Beyond the Grave

    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    Aurelio Casillas is The Lord of the Skies; he comes and goes from death whenever he wants.
  • Family Tragedy

    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    Aurelio confirms his mother's death and finds out that Luzma is in very serious condition.
  • Death in a Funeral

    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    The Casillas family go to say goodbye to Doña Alba and El Pulque, but a trap is waiting for them.
  • Running out of Time

    Episode 4 - 42 mins
    Tracy Lobo's instincts drive her to the ice factory where Casillas is hidden.
  • Weaknesses

    Episode 3 - 43 mins
    Mecha hides Aurelio in a tunnel; flirting comes easy.
  • Out of Compassion

    Episode 2 - 53 mins
    After a persecution, a gunfight starts between Aurelio Casillas and DEA agents; Mecha helps him.
  • Resurrection

    Episode 1 - 106 mins
    Mysterious forces take Aurelio Casillas out of his last resting place.

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