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Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer

Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer

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Watch Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer Season 1

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer travels to the wildest places around the globe to uncover the connection between the environment, wildlife and human beings in exotic locales.
  • Vietnam

    Episode 1 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer travels to Vietnam to find yellow-cheeked gibbons, Hatinh langurs and more.
  • Hebrides

    Episode 2 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer travels to the mysterious Hebrides archipelago, off the coast of Scotland.
  • Galapagos

    Episode 3 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer travels to the Galapagos Islands to follow the 19th-century trail of Charles Darwin.
  • China

    Episode 4 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer explores the oasis of Yunnan in southwest China and visits the stump-tailed macaque.
  • Caribbean

    Episode 5 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer visits wild and hidden parts of the Caribbean Islands.
  • Turkey

    Episode 6 - 20 mins
    Rock climbing with Turkey's Anatolian wild goats; the brown bear copes with its hostile environment.
  • Sri Lanka

    Episode 7 - 20 mins
    In Sri Lanka, elephants use the Minneriya tank; Yala National Park's spotted deer adapt.
  • Cambodia

    Episode 8 - 20 mins
    At Cambodia's Tonlé Sap, the Asian elephant shows how it uses water to survive.
  • Ghats

    Episode 9 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer tours the Western Ghats of India, where lion-tailed macaques enjoy jackfruit.
  • Falklands

    Episode 10 - 20 mins
    Dylan tours the Falklands, where king penguins care for eggs and sea lions care for their pups.
  • Genus Genius

    Episode 11 - 20 mins
    Dylan visits the smartest animals from Cambodia, China, the Galapagos, Turkey and the Caribbean.
  • Ganges

    Episode 12 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer visits India's self-cleaning Ganges River, which helps populations thrive.
  • Japan

    Episode 13 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer explores Japan's islands where Japanese snow monkeys take advantage of hot springs.
  • Mother Knows Best

    Episode 14 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer explores the motherhood experience for animals from Vietnam to the Caribbean.
  • Return to the Caribbean

    Episode 15 - 20 mins
    Dylan revisits the Caribbean, where Antillean iguanas and more show off their genius for adaptation.
  • Revisiting Turkey

    Episode 16 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer revisits the diverse landscape of Turkey; spur-thighed tortoises leave hibernation.
  • Return to the Galapagos

    Episode 17 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer visits the diverse Galapagos Islands; Isabela Island houses the flightless cormorant.
  • Super Species of Earth

    Episode 18 - 20 mins
    Dylan Dreyer explores the lives of the most powerful and elusive creatures on Earth.

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