Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

Drama6 SeasonsTVPG
Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern
The life of the Crawley family and their servants.
  • Season 1: Episode 1
    Season 1: Episode 1
    Episode 168 mins
    The lives of the Crawley family and the servants of Downton Abbey change when the sinking of the Titanic leaves the estate without an apparent heir. Some of the staff plot to make the stay of the new valet short-lived.
  • Season 1: Episode 2
    Season 1: Episode 2
    Episode 249 mins
    Everyone is anxious about the arrival of Matthew Crawley and his mother, Isobel. They have some difficulty adjusting to class differences, and there is some resentment about his being the new heir.
  • Season 1: Episode 3
    Season 1: Episode 3
    Episode 349 mins
    Cora's attempts at matchmaking are dashed when Mary is smitten with the friend of an intended suitor. The couple's attraction starts a series of events with consequences that affect the entire household.
  • Season 1: Episode 4
    Season 1: Episode 4
    Episode 448 mins
    The fair arrives in the village, and Mrs. Hughes finds herself the center of speculation when she reunites with a former suitor. Meanwhile, Violet and Isobel lock horns over Molesley's medical ailment.
  • Season 1: Episode 5
    Season 1: Episode 5
    Episode 549 mins
    As the village prepares for the annual flower show, Isobel finds herself in conflict with Violet. Mary is introduced to a potential suitor, but she is taking notice of Matthew.
  • Season 1: Episode 6
    Season 1: Episode 6
    Episode 648 mins
    Sybil's determination to pursue her political leanings ends up causing her an injury when a fight breaks out at an election campaign meeting. Sybil's sisters note Matthew's tenderness in caring for her.
  • Season 1: Episode 7
    Season 1: Episode 7
    Episode 765 mins
    Cora makes a discovery that could throw the inheritance issue into chaos. Under pressure from her aunt, Lady Rosamund Painswick, Mary keeps Matthew waiting for an answer to his proposal.
  • Season 2: Episode 1
    Season 2: Episode 1
    Episode 169 mins
    As the period drama returns for a second season, new housemaid Ethel has replaced Gwen, but she soon irritates many of the staff.
  • Season 2: Episode 2
    Season 2: Episode 2
    Episode 255 mins
    Part 2 of 9. The death of a wounded officer motivates Isobel and Sybil to see Downton in a different light.
  • Season 2: Episode 3
    Season 2: Episode 3
    Episode 355 mins
    Part 3 of 9. Downton is turned upside down with the arrival of the wounded officers. Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern.
  • Season 2: Episode 4
    Season 2: Episode 4
    Episode 454 mins
    Part 4 of 9. Ethel's flirting with Major Bryant lands her in more trouble than she ever could imagine.
  • Season 2: Episode 5
    Season 2: Episode 5
    Episode 555 mins
    Part 5 of 9. Vera's return threatens to expose old secrets and Mary pays a high price for turning to Carlisle for help. Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern.
  • Season 2: Episode 6
    Season 2: Episode 6
    Episode 655 mins
    Isobel has plans for Downton to continue to help the war wounded in some way after Robert's announcement that the ceasefire will begin on Nov. 11.
  • Season 2: Episode 7
    Season 2: Episode 7
    Episode 755 mins
    A new development stuns the family. Sybil and Branson try to keep their secret safe. Carlisle puts Anna in a difficult position; Bates is left reeling from the news about Vera, and Thomas embarks on a new money-making scheme.
  • Season 2: Episode 8
    Season 2: Episode 8
    Episode 870 mins
    Spanish flu reaches Downton, and desperate Thomas looks for a way to re-establish himself. Ethel faces a dilemma when the Bryants return with a heartbreaking proposition. Decisive, Anna forces Bates to think about their future.
  • Season 2: Episode 9
    Season 2: Episode 9
    Episode 996 mins
    Tensions arise as Downton Abbey hosts a lavish Christmas party.
  • Season 3: Episode 1
    Season 3: Episode 1
    Episode 169 mins
    Part 1 of 9. As wedding guests descend on Downton Abbey, including Cora's formidable American mother, anticipation and friction build. Meanwhile, Robert has shocking news that threatens to bring an end to Downton itself.
  • Season 3: Episode 2
    Season 3: Episode 2
    Episode 249 mins
    Part 2 of 9. With the future of Downton hanging precariously in the balance, Violet and Mary conspire to show Downton to its best advantage and win a financial lifeline from Martha.
  • Season 3: Episode 3
    Season 3: Episode 3
    Episode 349 mins
    Part 3 of 9. Edith's wedding day arrives. Will her enthusiasm finally convince the family that Strallan's age does not matter? The fate of Downton Abbey hinges on an unexpected letter, and Anna makes a breakthrough that could help Bates's case.
  • Season 3: Episode 4
    Season 3: Episode 4
    Episode 449 mins
    Part 4 of 9. The tides of change rock Downton as Branson's political views land him in hot water, and Edith makes a stand for women's rights. Meanwhile, Ethel makes a heartbreaking decision about the future of her son.
  • Season 3: Episode 5
    Season 3: Episode 5
    Episode 549 mins
    Part 5 of 9. The Crawleys welcome a new addition to the family. Meanwhile, new maid Ivy inspires romantic rivalry below stairs.
  • Season 3: Episode 6
    Season 3: Episode 6
    Episode 649 mins
    Part 6 of 9. Tempers fray as Isobel's kind gesture backfires. Branson's decisions about Downton are put under scrutiny, and Bates takes a dangerous gamble in an effort to gain his freedom.
  • Season 3: Episode 7
    Season 3: Episode 7
    Episode 749 mins
    Part 7 of 9. Fortunes change at Downton as Anna's patience is rewarded and Edith receives admiration from an unexpected quarter. Matthew takes a stand for the future of Downton, but will it pay off?
  • Season 3: Episode 8
    Season 3: Episode 8
    Episode 869 mins
    Part 8 of 9. There is excitement in the house and village as the annual cricket match approaches, with old scores to be settled and new plots hatched. Violet's spirited great-niece, Rose, arrives with scandal following close behind.
  • Season 3: Episode 9
    Season 3: Episode 9
    Episode 996 mins
    Conclusion. In the season finale, the Crawleys head to the Scottish highlands to enjoy the hospitality of Rose's family. Meanwhile, the downstairs staff are left behind at Downton, where a trip to the local fair leads to trouble for Carson.
  • Season 4: Episode 1
    Season 4: Episode 1
    Episode 169 mins
    Part 1 of 9. Following Matthew's untimely death, new mother Mary is struggling to come to terms with her loss.
  • Season 4: Episode 2
    Season 4: Episode 2
    Episode 249 mins
    Part 2 of 9. Emerging from her grief, Mary starts to take an interest in the running of the estate, but is met with resistance from Robert.
  • Season 4: Episode 3
    Season 4: Episode 3
    Episode 349 mins
    Part 3 of 9. An extravagant house party at the Abbey gives the Crawleys a chance to reconnect with old friends.
  • Season 4: Episode 4
    Season 4: Episode 4
    Episode 449 mins
    Part 4 of 9. Amid the fallout of the eventful house party, Mary faces a pressing question about her future.
  • Season 4: Episode 5
    Season 4: Episode 5
    Episode 548 mins
    Part 5 of 9. Change is in the air as an exciting opportunity for Alfred creates tension between Ivy and Daisy.
  • Season 4: Episode 6
    Season 4: Episode 6
    Episode 649 mins
    Part 6 of 9. A birthday party is planned for Robert, but Rose's surprise contribution to the event ruffles feathers above and below stairs.
  • Season 4: Episode 7
    Season 4: Episode 7
    Episode 749 mins
    Part 7 of 9. Cora's playboy brother Harold is in a fix and Robert must travel to America to help him out, whilst a new farming venture at Downton forces Blake and Mary to put aside their differences.
  • Season 4: Episode 8
    Season 4: Episode 8
    Episode 869 mins
    Part 8 of 9. Rosamund hatches a plan to help Edith out of her predicament, but will Violet see straight through it? Isobel is on the receiving end of some unexpected attention, while Mary asks Gillingham for a favor.
  • Season 4: Episode 9
    Season 4: Episode 9
    Episode 996 mins
    It's the summer season and, as part of Rose's "coming out," she is to be presented at Buckingham Palace. The family and servants are at Grantham House, their London residence, preparing for the busy social season.
  • Season 5: Episode 1
    Season 5: Episode 1
    Episode 169 mins
    Robert and Carson are dismayed when a Labour government comes to power in the general election of 1924; Lady Mary receives another proposal from Tony Gillingham.
  • Season 5: Episode 2
    Season 5: Episode 2
    Episode 249 mins
    With the house recovering from the night's dramatic events, Robert is faced with a very difficult decision; as Daisy continues to struggle with her studies, Mrs Patmore has an idea that might solve everything.
  • Season 5: Episode 3
    Season 5: Episode 3
    Episode 349 mins
    Violet learns about Mary and Tony from Spratt; Mary tells Violet she plans to wed Tony, but admits to Tom that she has no such intention.
  • Season 5: Episode 4
    Season 5: Episode 4
    Episode 449 mins
    Sarah Bunting continues to cause waves above stairs but this time she may have gone too far; on returning to Downton, Thomas is suffering an inexplicable illness, and Baxter suspects there's more to it than he's letting on.
  • Season 5: Episode 5
    Season 5: Episode 5
    Episode 549 mins
    Simon Bricker returns to Downton to discuss the painting with Cora, but this time his flirting may have crossed the line. Branson makes a difficult decision about Sarah Bunting, and Rose encounters a handsome stranger.
  • Season 5: Episode 6
    Season 5: Episode 6
    Episode 649 mins
    Relations between Robert and Cora are strained; Blake's scheming starts to come to fruition; Mary is unexpectedly pitted against her love rival.
  • Season 5: Episode 7
    Season 5: Episode 7
    Episode 749 mins
    Rosamund arrives at Downton following Edith's shocking departure; Edith's secret may be exposed to the family; Rose is delighted to introduce Atticus and his parents to Downton for the first time.
  • Season 5: Episode 8
    Season 5: Episode 8
    Episode 869 mins
    Preparations are under way for Rose's big day, but family tensions on both sides threaten to derail proceedings; Edith's arrangement with Marigold is happily working out, but she and Cora continue to conceal the truth from Robert.
  • A Moorland Holiday
    A Moorland Holiday
    Episode 997 mins
    Rose's father-in-law, Lord Sinderby, has rented Brancaster Castle in Northumberland and invited the Crawleys to a shooting party.
  • Season 6: Episode 1
    Season 6: Episode 1
    Episode 169 mins
    Downton Abbey is threatened by extortion and downsizing; Mrs. Hughes poses a sensitive question; Daisy speaks out; Anna and Bates wait.
  • Season 6: Episode 2
    Season 6: Episode 2
    Episode 249 mins
    Mary's past catches up with her when an unwelcome visitor delivers an ultimatum, and news about the running of Downton Hospital sets Violet on the warpath.
  • Season 6: Episode 3
    Season 6: Episode 3
    Episode 349 mins
    Wedding dress drama takes a turn for the worse; hospital debate escalates; a volunteer helps Edith.
  • Season 6: Episode 4
    Season 6: Episode 4
    Episode 449 mins
    Baxter has a new case to consider; Anna and Mary head to London; two past visitors arrive at Downton.
  • Season 6: Episode 5
    Season 6: Episode 5
    Episode 549 mins
    Thomas extends a generous offer to Andy; the family hosts a powerful politician for dinner; Mary's suspicions take shape.
  • Season 6: Episode 6
    Season 6: Episode 6
    Episode 649 mins
    Violet goes on the warpath as the hospital battle escalates; Daisy attempts to thwart a romance; prospects look up for Mary and Edith.
  • Season 6: Episode 7
    Season 6: Episode 7
    Episode 749 mins
    Henry Talbot invites the Crawleys to watch him motor racing at Brooklands; Violet makes a plan which surprises the family and delights Denker; Mr. Molesley and Daisy must rise to the challenge on examination day; Andy's secret is brought to light.
  • Season 6: Episode 8
    Season 6: Episode 8
    Episode 875 mins
    Romances become complicated; Molesley and Spratt try new jobs; Thomas takes a fateful step; Mrs. Patmore provokes a scandal; Isobel puts her foot down.
  • Season 6: Episode 9
    Season 6: Episode 9
    Episode 997 mins
    Momentous changes threaten the owners and servants of Downton Abbey.

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