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A cheerful young girl learning to become a sorceress uses a magic book of spells to help her friends solve problems in their day-to-day lives.
  • The Speed Record
    Episode 1 - 11 mins
    MewMew wants to time everything with a new stopwatch.
  • Doobydoo Meep Concert
    Episode 2 - 11 mins
    The annual Doobydoo Meep concert is about to take place, and Charlie wants to practice one last time.
  • Where Is It?
    Episode 3 - 11 mins
    During a game of hide and seek, DeeDee and Nino come across a panicky MewMew.
  • Meep Meep Charlie's
    Episode 4 - 11 mins
    Boris and Sandy fight over the water sprayer and drench Uncle Charlie.
  • Color Chaos
    Episode 5 - 11 mins
    Mayor can’t decide what color to paint the town hall.
  • Tiggy's Big Feast
    Episode 6 - 11 mins
    Tiggy has no idea what to make for a surprise lunch.
  • Whirlwind
    Episode 7 - 11 mins
    DeeDee whirls the magic wand, wondering what to do.
  • Mewmew's Hiccups
    Episode 8 - 11 mins
    MewMew explores dancing and singing.
  • Bubble Cars
    Episode 9 - 11 mins
    DeeDee and Nino wonder what Charlie got the twins for their birthday.
  • The Big Freeze
    Episode 10 - 11 mins
    Charlie is found napping on the job.
  • The Grand Unveiling
    Episode 11 - 11 mins
    While Nino is busy with his sculptures, Charlie invites him to the unveiling of a new statue.
  • Where's Nino?
    Episode 12 - 11 mins
    Nino is trying to have a non-magic game time with DeeDee, but she wants just the opposite.
  • Runaway Custard
    Episode 13 - 11 mins
    DeeDee and Nino help Tiggy make custard.
  • Mood Music
    Episode 14 - 11 mins
    DeeDee and Nino hear the sound of MewMew playing his violin.
  • Fly Away Nino
    Episode 15 - 11 mins
    Nino and MewMew make paper planes, but MewMew doesn't follow all the instructions.
  • Tidy Up Time
    Episode 16 - 11 mins
    DeeDee almost falls on her bottom by tripping on a big red ball in her courtyard.
  • Charlie's Castle
    Episode 17 - 11 mins
    It's Uncle Charlie's birthday and the twins have surprised him with a nap mask and breakfast.
  • Dragonfish Lake
    Episode 18 - 11 mins
    The twins are out delivering newspapers to homes around Abra-Dabra.
  • What Goes Up…
    Episode 19 - 11 mins
    Mayor De Pfeffle is hosting a party and grants DeeDee the honor of inviting everyone.
  • Sing for Your Supper
    Episode 20 - 11 mins
    DeeDee is excited to prepare for Mayor's banquet, so she makes sure to get lots of sleep.
  • Tika Pila Thriller
    Episode 21 - 11 mins
    Bella tries to balance a pile of books when MewMew zooms by, making her trip on a pebble.
  • Shy Tommy Prickles
    Episode 22 - 11 mins
    MewMew is all set for her party but doesn't have time to hand out the invitations.
  • Tommy's Got Talent
    Episode 23 - 11 mins
    Charlie and the twins practice, but DeeDee doesn't have any time.
  • Prickly Pair
    Episode 24 - 11 mins
    Nino tries to put his daisies up to win the Wonderful Window Box competition.
  • Mewmew and the Beanstalk
    Episode 25 - 11 mins
    MewMew sets up his garden to beat Tiggy in the contest.
  • The Louder Chowder
    Episode 26 - 11 mins
    While out for a stroll, Nino and DeeDee hear a familiar snore.

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