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A great British intelligence secret agent and his clumsy sidekick battle around the world to foil the plans of Baron Greenback and other villains.
  • Dark Dawn

    Episode 1 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse takes on an army of vengeful soft toys which stops playtime in its tracks.
  • The Admirable Penfold

    Episode 2 - 11 mins
    Penfold and the Baron get stranded on King Kong Brunel's desert island together.
  • Colonel Danger Mouse

    Episode 3 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse makes himself the latest Colonel of the secret service when Colonel K disappears.
  • Ernest Penfold and the Half-Price Wand

    Episode 4 - 11 mins
    Penfold wants to have his own medal collection when he grows jealous of Danger Mouse.
  • Squawkenbard Kingcluck Brunel

    Episode 5 - 11 mins
    Professor Squawkencluck goes to the Brainiac Symposium with Danger Mouse and Penfold.
  • Live and Let Cry

    Episode 6 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse frightens the Danger Babies with a scary story that shows him as a villain.
  • Lost Tempers in Space

    Episode 7 - 11 mins
    A bickering Danger Mouse and Jeopardy Mouse crash-land on a desolate planet.
  • The Toad Who Would Be King

    Episode 8 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse goes on the hunt for Baron von Greenback when he is nowhere to be found.
  • I Believe in Danger Mouse

    Episode 9 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse acquires a group of feline followers when he makes short work of Burt Badboy.
  • Thanksgiving Sinner

    Episode 10 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse travels to America to help Jeopardy Mouse where he gets a crash course in customs.
  • Big Trouble in Little Clowntown

    Episode 11 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse teams up with Cupcake when Professor Squawkencluck's seriousizer ray is stolen.
  • Quantum of Rudeness

    Episode 12 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse tries to prove he's not as trigger-happy as his friends think he is.
  • A Loo to a Kill

    Episode 13 - 11 mins
    A toilet uprising threatens Danger Mouse’s star status; Scarlet Johamster is cast as Penfold.
  • Roll of the Mice

    Episode 14 - 11 mins
    A board game that releases a gas arrives in the mail; Danger Mouse wakes up in Greenback.
  • Gold Flinger

    Episode 15 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse is tricked into transporting a ticking bomb back to Earth by Quark.
  • There’s Something about Scarlett

    Episode 16 - 11 mins
    Penfold lands a date with superstar Scarlett Johamster, but receives conflicting advice.
  • Groundmouse Day

    Episode 17 - 11 mins
    Penfold assists Danger Mouse in testing the security system at the British Cheese Museum.
  • Dry Hard

    Episode 18 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse must leave Penfold at HQ while he tries to stop the Baron from flooding the world.
  • Day of the Derek

    Episode 19 - 11 mins
    A video from the future shows a social outcast watching Danger Mouse destroying the world.
  • Crumfan

    Episode 20 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse and Penfold arrive at the United Nations after cases of unexplained unruliness.
  • Nero Come Home

    Episode 21 - 11 mins
    Penfold realizes he has never had a pet of his own to love and cherish.
  • Dark Side of the Mouse

    Episode 22 - 22 mins
    Danger Mouse gets zapped with a mind control Mindzooka ray by a couple of lesser known villains.
  • The Scare Mouse Project

    Episode 23 - 11 mins
    Colonel K spins a terrifying tale about the Headless Postman, an ancient and scary apparition.
  • Yule Only Watch Twice

    Episode 24 - 21 mins
    Danger Mouse and Penfold guest on Jimmy Camel's show, but Penfold gets suspicious.
  • Twysted Sister

    Episode 25 - 11 mins
    When a teenage Squawk goes on a rampage, Danger Mouse summons her Twistyverse counterpart.
  • Grand Stressed Auto

    Episode 26 - 11 mins
    After the Mark 4 Danger Car is damaged, Danger Mouse inherits the ancient Mark 3.
  • Clash of the Odd-esy

    Episode 27 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse heads to ancient Greece and is given godly powers by Zeus.
  • Hen-emy of the State

    Episode 28 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse is left without any gadgets when Squawk leaves the Danger Agency.
  • For Your Insides Only

    Episode 29 - 11 mins
    Penfold takes a trip inside Danger Mouse's body to save him from an aversion to his own heroism.
  • A Fistful of Penfolds

    Episode 30 - 11 mins
    Squawk is sure she has improved upon Penfold and made the perfect robotic sidekick for Danger Mouse.
  • Daylight Savings Crime

    Episode 31 - 11 mins
    Penfold falls and pushes Big Ben's clock hand forward, causing the sun to go down prematurely.
  • The Law of Beverages

    Episode 32 - 11 mins
    Baron Greenback aspires to make an undrinkable sludge by combining every beverage on Earth.
  • License to Care

    Episode 33 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse is confused about why Penfold is refusing to talk to him.
  • Force of Nature

    Episode 34 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse's over-reliance on gadgets prompts Colonel K to send him on a tech-free nature retreat.
  • No More Mr. Ice Guy

    Episode 35 - 11 mins
    Penfold is left jobless when the Snowman is hired as a new sidekick for Danger Mouse.
  • Bot Battles

    Episode 36 - 11 mins
    The agents are suspicious when Penfold is spotted taking gadgets and heading to shady warehouses.
  • Rodent Recall

    Episode 37 - 11 mins
    A damaged Holodeck sends Danger Mouse and Penfold into a three-year dream.
  • A Fear to Remember

    Episode 38 - 11 mins
    It's Halloween night and everyone's darkest fears begin to manifest in front their eyes.
  • Melted

    Episode 39 - 22 mins
    Danger Mouse reluctantly takes a role in Pink Dawn's musical re-enactment of "Melted."
  • We Aren't Family

    Episode 40 - 11 mins
    The agents disguise themselves as a family to investigate why the villains are going to a camp.
  • Crouching Hamster, Hidden Wagon

    Episode 41 - 11 mins
    Penfold leads a confused Danger Mouse to a farm where he feels a magnetic pull.
  • Danger-Thon

    Episode 42 - 11 mins
    A telethon is held asking people to call in and donate when the Danger Agency is left bankrupt.
  • Jam Session

    Episode 43 - 11 mins
    There is a jam spill during staff appreciation day at Danger HQ.
  • Sharp as a Pin

    Episode 44 - 11 mins
    Danger Mouse is sent to put a stop to Burt Badboy's vandalism spree.
  • The Last Giraffe Warrior

    Episode 45 - 11 mins
    Penfold and Danger Mouse are whisked off to the planet that inspired one of Penfold's games.
  • Duplicate Mouse

    Episode 46 - 11 mins
    Squawk's new invention creates a duplicate of HQ and all of the agents.
  • The Supies

    Episode 47 - 11 mins
    The agents anxiously await the results at the annual Supies awards show.
  • Lost in Exaggeration

    Episode 48 - 11 mins
    Colonel K brings in a PR guru when the Danger Agency's public approval ratings plummet.
  • The World Is Full of Stuff

    Episode 49 - 11 mins
    The team is fascinated by Squawk's new futuroid camera that takes pictures of the future.

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