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Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School

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Kamiyama, an above-above-average student, must navigate a new life while enrolled at Cromartie High, a school notorious for being full of delinquents.
  • I Used to Be a Bad Boy Bragging Contest

    Episode 1 - 12 mins
    Takashi Kamiyama enrolls in Cromartie High School, known for its rough characters.
  • Blade Runners High

    Episode 2 - 12 mins
    Kamiyama and Hayashida are stumped by the true nature of Mechazawa.
  • Cromartie High (Co-Ed)

    Episode 3 - 12 mins
    When a wordless tune gets stuck in Hayashida's head, he shares it with the other boys.
  • Radio Gaga

    Episode 4 - 12 mins
    Yamaguchi, leader of Destrade Tech's first year delinquents, has one thing he won't tolerate.
  • Sentimental Bus

    Episode 5 - 12 mins
    Takenouchi, the boss of the Cromartie first years, finally makes an appearance.
  • The Empire of Ambition

    Episode 6 - 12 mins
    Takeshi Hokuto, the son of a powerful man, tries to bring Cromartie under his control.
  • Poo-tan

    Episode 7 - 12 mins
    The popularity of the comedy show Poo-tan gets under Yamaguchi's skin.
  • Electric Warrior

    Episode 8 - 12 mins
    During health examinations at school, Mechazawa receives some troubling news.
  • Reboot

    Episode 9 - 12 mins
    Mechazawa brings his little brother to school, and the boys start to wonder what's up with him.
  • Jackson

    Episode 10 - 12 mins
    The Bass boys find that the grass is always weirder on the other side.
  • USA Trip

    Episode 11 - 12 mins
    Takenouchi must get on a plane with motion sickness or allow hijackers to commit a serious crime.
  • Road Safety

    Episode 12 - 12 mins
    After an argument with his classmates, Mechazawa questions himself and his way of life.
  • Joshua Tree

    Episode 13 - 12 mins
    Hayashida realizes his dream is to play baseball, so the boys form a baseball team.
  • Talking Head

    Episode 14 - 12 mins
    Yamaguchi decides that he needs a capable second-in-command.
  • OK Computer

    Episode 15 - 12 mins
    As rude and rowdy as he is, Fujimoto won't tolerate trolls or rudeness on online message boards.
  • Japan Boss Championships

    Episode 16 - 12 mins
    Hokuto was not invited to join the No. 1 Boss Tournament and tries to join the fight.
  • Let Me Tell You My Name; Get It On

    Episode 17 - 12 mins
    The toughest boss has been decided, but Yamaguchi won't accept it until he sees who it is.
  • Puutan Gets Fired

    Episode 18 - 12 mins
    When Freddie subs for Puutan at an autograph-signing session, he ends up becoming Puutan.
  • Moto-Mechazawa

    Episode 19 - 12 mins
    Kamiyama challenges Sadaharu, the fastest man on a motorcycle, to a race.
  • Lost Relation

    Episode 20 - 12 mins
    After a system failure, the group must decide whether to delete Mechazawa’s memory or to keep it.
  • A Trip for Heart

    Episode 21 - 12 mins
    The boys from Cromartie take a bullet train to Kyoto for a school trip.
  • You Never Give Me Your Name

    Episode 22 - 12 mins
    Hokuto's lackey gets fed up with Hokuto and decides to leave the group.
  • Stone-Cold Crazy

    Episode 23 - 12 mins
    Though the Cromartie boys aren't smart, Kamiyama does his best to explain human psychology.
  • Gorilla Sushi

    Episode 24 - 12 mins
    Gorilla works at a sushi restaurant and helps the chief chef and his son reconcile.
  • A Hole Lotta Love

    Episode 25 - 12 mins
    Freddie's horse Kokuryu goes on a rampage, which prompts the Cromartie boys to think about pets.
  • Suda! Cromartie Girls' High School

    Episode 26 - 12 mins
    Kamiyama, Hayashida and Maeda talk about their future; Takako enrolls in a new school.

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