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Crime Stoppers: Case Files

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Detectives and forensic scientists unpack and examine the profiles of real, recent and unsolved homicides in an attempt to find the killers.
  • A Backyard Murder

    Episode 1 - 18 mins
    On April 9, 2010, a 49-year-old security guard, Jesus Mejias was killed and robbed in his backyard.
  • Street Homicides in Miami

    Episode 2 - 19 mins
    Eric Pratt Jr. was murdered on a basketball court; Michael Garland was murdered while on a run.
  • Gold Teeth

    Episode 3 - 20 mins
    Javier Solis was murdered in an alleyway; Thomas Weathersby was murdered by a group of men.
  • Heartless

    Episode 4 - 19 mins
    Vidal Perez was opening his laundry shop when he was targeted in a shooting.
  • Smothered By a Pillow

    Episode 5 - 18 mins
    Kareem Berry was murdered while riding his bike; Carol Taylor was killed after visiting a friend.
  • Rage-Driven Killer

    Episode 6 - 19 mins
    In Miami on July 1, 2010, Shedrick Ursery was cycling to work when he was killed.
  • Hit and Run

    Episode 7 - 19 mins
    On December 13, 2008, 30-year-old John Lundy was murdered after being targeted by multiple suspects.
  • Fighter Falls

    Episode 8 - 19 mins
    Anthony Waters was killed by a group of teenagers; Frances Jones was murdered in her driveway.
  • Brutal Murders in Ohio

    Episode 9 - 18 mins
    Catalina Piedra was murdered at home; WWII veteran Phillip Gossett was murdered in his apartment.
  • The Night from Hell

    Episode 10 - 20 mins
    On April 26, 2007, 29-year-old Jermayne Mitchell was shot and killed near his apartment.
  • Midnight Murders

    Episode 11 - 20 mins
    On November 3, 2000, 21-year-old music talent Anthony Prudhomme was murdered.
  • Murders Left a Community Heartbroken

    Episode 12 - 19 mins
    Jonathan Muse was murdered on his bicycle; Hector Urias was murdered in his office.
  • Leslie Long's Kidnapping

    Episode 13 - 20 mins
    In Los Angeles on December 3, 1978, Leslie Long, the mother of three was kidnapped from work.
  • 15-Year-Old Kidnapped on the Way to School

    Episode 14 - 19 mins
    Jose Garci was murdered waiting for his girlfriend; Brenda Sierra was kidnapped walking to school.
  • I DJ Now Because of Chris

    Episode 15 - 20 mins
    DJ Christian Alcantar was murdered while loading his equipment into his car after a party.

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