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An all-access look into wild, unruly and outrageous moments in America's courtrooms, including escape attempts, vengeful attacks and more.
  • Episode 1

    Episode 1 - 20 mins
    A wanted man attempts a daring courthouse escape; and a judge catches a peeping Tom.
  • Episode 2

    Episode 2 - 20 mins
    Devastated family members seek justice in court by any means necessary.
  • Episode 3

    Episode 3 - 20 mins
    A desperate defendant makes an impossible courthouse escape; a young man squares off in court.
  • Episode 4

    Episode 4 - 20 mins
    A lawyer runs into trouble before he even steps into the courtroom.
  • Episode 5

    Episode 5 - 20 mins
    Bone-chilling courtroom drama surrounding a man who committed a grisly murder of his own parents.
  • Court Cam Top Five: Shocking Fights Part 2

    Episode 6 - 20 mins
    A look at the next batch of shocking fights.
  • Episode 7

    Episode 7 - 20 mins
    A cop comes face-to-face with his accusers in court; a killer confesses to the murder of his wife.
  • Court Cam Top Five: Outrageous Outbursts Part 2

    Episode 8 - 20 mins
    Top five outrageous outbursts.
  • Episode 9

    Episode 9 - 20 mins
    A defendant attempts a death-defying courtroom escape; fists and office chairs fly in court.
  • Court Cam Top Five: Accused Killers Part 1

    Episode 11 - 20 mins
    A look at the top five accused killers.
  • Court Cam Top Five: Accused Killers Part 2

    Episode 12 - 20 mins
    Another look at the next Top Five accused killers featured on Court Cam.
  • Episode 13

    Episode 13 - 20 mins
    A defendant makes a serious threat in court; a teen makes a desperate attempt to escape.
  • Episode 14

    Episode 14 - 20 mins
    A teen impersonating a cop takes the law into his own hands; a high-speed chase ends.
  • Episode 15

    Episode 15 - 20 mins
    An explosive confrontation ends with the California deputy attorney general removed from court.
  • Episode 16

    Episode 16 - 20 mins
    A man sentenced to death for the murder of his wife delivers a surreal and shocking final statement.
  • Episode 17

    Episode 17 - 20 mins
    A daughter testifies against her father; a suburban hate crime caught on camera and more.
  • Episode 18

    Episode 18 - 20 mins
    A high-speed chase leads to a bizarre court appearance; a former courtroom deputy stands trial.
  • Episode 19

    Episode 19 - 20 mins
    A demonic-looking defendant sends a threatening message to a jury; a courtroom officer goes too far.
  • Episode 20

    Episode 20 - 20 mins
    A teacher pays a shocking price for an affair with an underage student.
  • Episode 21

    Episode 21 - 20 mins
    A defendant's attack on an unsuspecting deputy leads to decades behind bars.
  • Episode 22

    Episode 22 - 20 mins
    A murderer holds nothing back; a convict attempts to get a judge's attention.
  • Episode 23

    Episode 23 - 20 mins
    A man defends himself against murder accusations; things get tense with a judge and public defender.
  • Episode 24

    Episode 24 - 20 mins
    A man is accused of killing two of his girlfriends; a deputy recalls his discovery in Montana.
  • Episode 25

    Episode 25 - 21 mins
    A man accused of murder believes his victim possessed supernatural powers.
  • Court Cam Top Five: Outrageous Escapes Part 3

    Episode 26 - 20 mins
    A third look at the top five outrageous escapes featured on "Court Cam."
  • Episode 27

    Episode 27 - 20 mins
    Tempers flare at the trial of a deadly biker brawl; a father faces his daughter's killer.
  • Episode 28

    Episode 28 - 20 mins
    A convicted killer pushes the victim's family to the brink in court; an angry judge goes too far.
  • Episode 29

    Episode 29 - 20 mins
    An exchange of bullets at a suburban home ends with a dramatic courtroom exchange.
  • Episode 30

    Episode 30 - 20 mins
    A widow seeks her own form of justice; courthouse nuptials take a shocking turn.
  • Episode 31

    Episode 31 - 20 mins
    A cold case is officially closed when a killer makes a shocking confession for a 50-year-old crime.
  • Episode 32

    Episode 32 - 20 mins
    A confrontation with a gunman ends with deadly consequences; a convicted killer explodes in court.
  • Episode 33

    Episode 33 - 20 mins
    A reckless driver ends up in court after a shocking car chase caught on camera.
  • Episode 34

    Episode 34 - 20 mins
    A shocking road rage incident captured on video leads to an even stranger court appearance.
  • Episode 35

    Episode 35 - 20 mins
    An angry family member seeks his own justice; a judge holds nothing back when sentencing two men.
  • Court Cam Top Five: Outrageous Outbursts Part 3

    Episode 36 - 20 mins
    A defendant slugs a deputy; a man threatens prosecutors; a 21-year-old curses repeatedly.
  • Episode 37

    Episode 37 - 21 mins
    A father attacks his son's killer; eight bailiffs take down a defendant with nothing to lose.
  • Court Cam Tops Five: Outrageous Escapes Part 4

    Episode 38 - 21 mins
    A look at some of the wildest escapes that occurred in courtrooms across America.
  • Episode 39

    Episode 39 - 20 mins
    The powerful trial; a violent offender loses his cool; a sovereign citizen won't give up.
  • Court Cam Top Five: Outrageous Moments Part 2

    Episode 40 - 20 mins
    An additional look at the "Top Five" most outrageous moments on "Court Cam."
  • Top 10 Moments of 2021

    Episode 41 - 41 mins
    A countdown of the "Top 10 Moments" of 2021 on "Court Cam."
  • Episode 42

    Episode 42 - 20 mins
    A courthouse shoot-out ends with deadly consequences; a defendant given a life sentence explodes.
  • Episode 43

    Episode 43 - 20 mins
    A hotel heir loses his cool in court; a defendant attacks two prosecutors in court.
  • Episode 44

    Episode 44 - 20 mins
    An angry wife looks to hire a hit man to kill her husband's ex, but she pays the price in court.
  • Episode 45

    Episode 45 - 20 mins
    The brother of a murder victim seeks vengeance in court; a defendant in a wheelchair makes a move.
  • Episode 46

    Episode 46 - 20 mins
    A tearful judge loses it when he takes the stand and admits to his own mistakes.
  • Episode 47

    Episode 47 - 20 mins
    Two prosecutors come under surprise attack; a shocking teen murder story plays out in court.
  • Episode 48

    Episode 48 - 20 mins
    A judge describes an affair with a defendant; a murderous sibling rivalry explodes in court.
  • Episode 49

    Episode 49 - 20 mins
    A 93-year-old files a complaint while holding a gun; a sexy outfit gets a defendant in hot water.

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