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The next generation of diverse and hilarious comedians performs live at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal.
  • Godfrey and Sophie Buddle
    Episode 1 - 14 mins
    Godfrey discusses his hate for vegetarians; Sophie Buddle talks about being cheated on.
  • Lil Rel and Lance Cantstopolis
    Episode 2 - 16 mins
    Lil Rel talks about his friends taking him to a strip club; Lance Cantstopolis frolics onstage.
  • Mike Rita and Josh Johnson
    Episode 3 - 15 mins
    Mike Rita talks about his parents' use of social media; Josh Johnson discusses his move to New York.
  • Chris DiStefano and Sean McLoughlin
    Episode 4 - 13 mins
    Chris DiStefano imagines a world where Puerto Rican women are NFL referees; Sean McLoughlin discusses being single.
  • Dino Archie and Evan Williams
    Episode 5 - 16 mins
    Dino Archie explains why men wearing flip flops is a sign that your neighborhood is safe; Evan Williams on tickle fights.
  • Finesse Mitchell and Nick Turner
    Episode 6 - 15 mins
    Finesse Mitchell explains his lick lick look theory; Nick Turner laments the texts he gets from his girlfriend.
  • Robert Powell and Danny Palumbo
    Episode 7 - 13 mins
    Robert Powell talks about his fight with Frank Ocean over a Twitter joke; Danny Palumbo on quitting drinking.
  • Casey Crawford and J.P. McDade
    Episode 8 - 13 mins
    Casey Crawford describes growing up poor in South Dakota; J.P. McDade on getting into a car wreck while reading Chomsky.
  • JB Ball and Nazeem Hussain
    Episode 9 - 13 mins
    JB Ball hates hanging out with people who are great together; Nazeem Hussain on dealing with Twitter trolls.
  • Darrin Rose and Dominique
    Episode 10 - 16 mins
    Darrin Rose on his dislike for people who only drink bottled water; Dominique talks about the need to discipline kids.
  • Ivan Decker and Aida Rodriguez
    Episode 11 - 15 mins
    Ivan Decker on his inadequate preparation for adulthood; Aida Rodriguez wonders why women are offered sex as therapy.
  • Sterling Scott and Mike Lawrence
    Episode 12 - 15 mins
    Sterling Scott says gay and straight men act the same with pick-up lines; Mike Lawrence on working at McDonald's.
  • Mark Forward and Tone Bell
    Episode 13 - 15 mins
    Mark Forward wonders why we base science on Neanderthals; Tone Bell on why thirtysomething men urinate on themselves.
  • Ronny Chieng and Perry Perlmutar
    Episode 14 - 13 mins
    Ronny Chieng on how New Yorkers fight with their trains; Perry Perlmutar talks about the beautiful women of Buffalo.
  • Big Jay Oakerson and Tiff Stevenson
    Episode 15 - 14 mins
    Big Jay Oakerson on why it's hard to write clean jokes; Tiff Stevenson on how North American optimism went too far.
  • Chris Garcia and Aisha Brown
    Episode 16 - 13 mins
    Chris Garcia compares Telemundo soccer announcers with their English counterparts; Aisha Brown serenades the audience.
  • James Mattern and Vir Das
    Episode 17 - 14 mins
    James Mattern on overcompensating on first dates; Vir Das describes the time he fell ill in America.
  • Rachid Badouri and Ms. Pat
    Episode 18 - 15 mins
    Rachid Badouri describes how his two older sisters taught him to fight; Ms. Pat on catching her teen son smoking weed.
  • Aisha Alfa and D.J. Demers
    Episode 19 - 12 mins
    Aisha Alfa on practicing "dirty talk" in front of a mirror; D.J. Demers on playing the game broken telephone as a kid.
  • Jenny Zigrino and Lloyd Langford
    Episode 20 - 14 mins
    Jenny Zigrino talks about her Russian heritage; Lloyd Langford on upgrading his hotel room to the "Beloved Package."
  • Jesus Trejo and Ryan Belleville
    Episode 21 - 14 mins
    Jesus Trejo discusses raising his parents; Ryan Belleville on the difficulty of bathing a baby girl.
  • Jordan Rock and Nick Cody
    Episode 22 - 13 mins
    Jordan Rock discusses horrific Tinder dates; Nick Cody on rap music.
  • Patrick Haye and Jessimae Peluso
    Episode 23 - 13 mins
    Patrick Haye says "Property Brothers" should be a dating show; Jessimae Peluso on visiting a couples' resort while single.
  • Ron G. and Rachel Feinstein
    Episode 24 - 13 mins
    Ron G. on racists realizing Jesus was Black; Rachel Feinstein thinks she and her mom wouldn't be friends.
  • Rhys Nicholson and Damien Lemon
    Episode 25 - 14 mins
    Rhys Nicholson shares the trick to Generation "Y" relationships; Damien Lemon on going to the strip club while high.
  • Ted Morris and Buckwild
    Episode 26 - 14 mins
    Ted Morris describes his day job as a small animal vet; Buckwild on using the handicap bathroom at the Philly airport.
  • Dave Merheje and Geoffrey Asmus
    Episode 27 - 13 mins
    Dave Merheje on the first time he was mugged; Geoffrey Asmus on suppressing every sexual urge.
  • Nate Bargatze and Quincy Jones
    Episode 28 - 12 mins
    Nate Bargatze describes a friend who is comfortable fighting Mcdonald's employees; Quincy Jones on cheating.
  • Tu Rae and Brendan Lynch
    Episode 29 - 13 mins
    Tu Rae on never knowing what's in your cable bundle; Brendan Lynch says balloon animals are origami for child molesters.
  • Dave Ross and Joel Kim Booster
    Episode 30 - 13 mins
    Dave Ross on the difference between being called "daddy" and "father"; Joel Kim Booster on waiters with neck tattoos.
  • Ahamed Weinberg and Eddy King
    Episode 31 - 13 mins
    Ahamed Weinberg on needing to live in a liberal bubble; Eddy King describes how having daughters will change a man.
  • Gina Yashere and Joe List
    Episode 32 - 14 mins
    Gina Yashere proposes a new American national anthem; Joe List describes morning sex and bad breath.
  • Joel Creasey and Arthur Simeon
    Episode 33 - 14 mins
    Joel Creasey on doing Zumba with his mother; Arthur Simeon explains the difficulties of traveling on an African passport.
  • Raul Sanchez and Jordan Wellwood
    Episode 34 - 13 mins
    Raul Sanchez on the difference between reading levels; Jordan Welwood delivers dirty talk in a thick Canadian accent.
  • Red Grant and Chantel Maristoca
    Episode 35 - 15 mins
    Red Grant says his girlfriend avoids sex by claiming she's menstruating; Chanty Marostica on catcalling.
  • Rich Vos and Gary "G Thang" Johnson
    Episode 36 - 14 mins
    Rich Vos talks about the difficulty of relationships; Gary "G Thang" Johnson explains the pitfalls of boyfriends.
  • Tony Roberts and Matt Ingebretson
    Episode 37 - 14 mins
    Tony Roberts sings his ode to bad breath; Matt Ingebretson describes how he got his dimples.
  • Ahir Shah and Vladimir Caamaño
    Episode 38 - 15 mins
    Ahir Shah says his accent sounds like he's been colonized by his own voice; Vladimir Caamaño on being from the Bronx.
  • Beth Stelling and Nish Kumar
    Episode 39 - 14 mins
    Beth Stelling on her court-ordered visit to Florida; Nish Kumar wishes Will Smith could play the first Black James Bond.
  • Brooks Whelan and Sarah Tollemache
    Episode 40 - 13 mins
    Brooks Whelan describes the worst thing he's done while high; Sarah Tollemache on eating alone at Chipotle.
  • Charlie Pickering and Randy Syphax
    Episode 41 - 13 mins
    Charlie Pickering discusses his love of hip-hop; Randy Syphax entertains with some hilarious impressions.
  • Monroe Martin and Dave Hughes
    Episode 42 - 15 mins
    Monroe Martin explains the tenuous relationship between Black people and the cops; Dave Hughes on getting a vasectomy.
  • David A. Arnold and Casey James Salengo
    Episode 43 - 12 mins
    David A Arnold describes his philosophy for working out; Casey James Salengo on growing up in a trailer vs. and an RV.
  • J.J. Williamson and Ryan Dillon
    Episode 44 - 17 mins
    J.J. Williamson on his son asking for help with his homework; Ryan Dillon describes a nightmarish customer.
  • Michael Kosta and David Gborie
    Episode 45 - 12 mins
    Michael Kosta on scrolling down a girl's Instagram page for so long she's no longer 18; David Gborie on sex with a man.
  • Mark Normand and Jean Paul
    Episode 46 - 14 mins
    Mark Normand describes the similarities between racism and Nickelback; Jean Paul on love and murder.
  • Naomi Ekperigin and Russell Kane
    Episode 47 - 13 mins
    Naomi Ekperigin describes her engagement to a Jewish guy; Russell Kane divulges the secret to love and relationships.
  • Mayce Galoni and Ismael Loutfi
    Episode 48 - 14 mins
    Mayce Galoni describes a recent bar fight; Ismael Loutfi on marrying at 17 to avoid religious rules against premarital sex.
  • Sarah Tiana and Ron Josol
    Episode 49 - 14 mins
    Sarah Tiana explains the differences between men; Ron Josol on the eating habits of his Filipino family.
  • Tony Baker and Larry Dean
    Episode 50 - 14 mins
    Tony Baker on growing up in the '80s; Larry Dean describes a prostate exam.
  • Noah Gardenswartz and Keith Pedro
    Episode 51 - 13 mins
    Noah Gardenswartz discusses living with two women; Keith Pedro says every marriage should be like a sports contract.
  • Tim Dillon and Neko White
    Episode 52 - 15 mins
    Tim Dillon describes being a New York tour guide; Neko White says Black people learn their Miranda rights at a young age.

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