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  • Murder by the Book
    Episode 176 mins
    A blackmailer interferes with a mystery writer's plan to kill his former partner in a perfect crime.
  • Death Lends a Hand
    Episode 276 mins
    Blackmail turns to murder when a private investigator tries to profit from a wife's indiscretions.
  • Dead Weight
    Episode 375 mins
    No body, no weapon and a witness courted by the war hero she thinks committed murder.
  • Suitable for Framing
    Episode 475 mins
    An art critic's dreams of inheriting his uncle's wealth are shattered.
  • Lady in Waiting
    Episode 575 mins
    Bitter sibling competition for control of a family-owned corporation escalates into murder.
  • Short Fuse
    Episode 675 mins
    When an executive dies in a limousine explosion, the corporation's attorney becomes a suspect.
  • Blueprint for Murder
    Episode 775 mins
    Columbo orders the excavation of a huge pylon, in search of a missing body, but finds nothing.
  • Étude in Black
    Episode 196 mins
    The mistress of a symphony conductor plans to go public with his extramarital activities.
  • The Greenhouse Jungle
    Episode 273 mins
    Columbo suspects a plant collector of murdering his nephew to gain access to a trust fund.
  • The Most Crucial Game
    Episode 373 mins
    Columbo tries to solve the murder of a professional football team's owner.
  • Dagger of the Mind
    Episode 497 mins
    In England to study Scotland Yard, Columbo probes a theater patron's murder by Shakespearean actors.
  • Requiem for a Falling Star
    Episode 573 mins
    A secretary is mistakenly ensnared in an aging actress's plot to murder a gossip columnist.
  • A Stitch in Crime
    Episode 673 mins
    A surgeon kills a nurse who suspects him of intentionally botching the heart surgery.
  • The Most Dangerous Match
    Episode 773 mins
    An American chess champion plays a private match with his challenger and kills him.
  • Double Shock
    Episode 873 mins
    Twins kill their wealthy uncle just before his marriage to a younger woman.
  • Lovely but Lethal
    Episode 173 mins
    A manufacturer is suspected of killing a chemist who stole a cosmetics formula.
  • Any Old Port in a Storm
    Episode 295 mins
    A wine connoisseur murders his brother, who is planning to sell the family winery.
  • Candidate for a Crime
    Episode 398 mins
    A senatorial candidate exploits death threats, fabricated for publicity, to kill his manager.
  • Double Exposure
    Episode 473 mins
    A research scientist murders the man he has been blackmailing and frames the victim's wife.
  • Publish or Perish
    Episode 574 mins
    A publisher hires a gunman to kill a mystery writer who announces he is signing with a competitor.
  • Mind Over Mayhem
    Episode 673 mins
    A boy genius and the robot he invented give Columbo some unsolicited assistance.
  • Swan Song
    Episode 798 mins
    A gospel singer kills his evangelist wife when she denies him more money and threatens blackmail.
  • A Friend in Deed
    Episode 898 mins
    A man murders his wife and has a friend cover up the act with a burglary.
  • An Exercise in Fatality
    Episode 198 mins
    A fitness expert murders an associate who uncovered financial fraud in a health-spa chain.
  • Negative Reaction
    Episode 295 mins
    A photographer kills his wife and a former convict after framing him for her kidnapping and murder.
  • By Dawn's Early Light
    Episode 398 mins
    Columbo tries to outwit a military academy commandant planning a murder.
  • Troubled Waters
    Episode 498 mins
    An automobile executive is a suspect in the murder of a cruise ship's vocalist.
  • Playback
    Episode 574 mins
    After killing his mother-in-law, an electronics magnate's alibi is a video security system.
  • A Deadly State of Mind
    Episode 674 mins
    A wealthy psychiatrist murders the husband of his mistress to protect his own reputation.
  • Forgotten Lady
    Episode 197 mins
    An aging actress plans to return to a Broadway musical against her husband's wishes.
  • A Case of Immunity
    Episode 274 mins
    A foreign dignitary murders his rival then disguises the crime as part of a robbery.
  • Identity Crisis
    Episode 398 mins
    An advertising consultant with several identities frames his ex-partner.
  • A Matter of Honor
    Episode 474 mins
    Fierce competition among bullfighters involves Columbo in a murder investigation.
  • Now You See Him
    Episode 589 mins
    Columbo matches wits with a nightclub illusionist suspected of murdering his business associate.
  • Last Salute to the Commodore
    Episode 696 mins
    Lt. Columbo's prime suspect in the case of a drowned yacht magnate also turns up dead.
  • Fade In to Murder
    Episode 173 mins
    An egotistic TV detective matches wits with Columbo after murdering his producer.
  • Old-Fashioned Murder
    Episode 275 mins
    Columbo probes a robbery and murder case that exposes family tensions and deadly hostilities.
  • The Bye-Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case
    Episode 373 mins
    A bookkeeper murders his partner who has discovered his flair for creative accounting.
  • Try & Catch Me
    Episode 173 mins
    A mystery writer uses her own plots to seek revenge for her niece's death.
  • Murder Under Glass
    Episode 273 mins
    A food critic blackmailing restaurateurs for good reviews poisons a man threatening to expose him.
  • Make Me a Perfect Murder
    Episode 397 mins
    A TV-network executive murders her boss and lover when he fails to promote her.
  • How to Dial a Murder
    Episode 472 mins
    A psychologist uses mind control to make his Doberman pinschers kill his assistant.
  • The Conspirators
    Episode 597 mins
    An arms smuggler uses his Irish wit and charm in an attempt to outsmart Columbo.
  • Columbo Goes to the Guillotine
    Episode 192 mins
    A magician is beheaded during rehearsal for his guillotine trick by his old psychic mentor.
  • Murder, Smoke and Shadows
    Episode 295 mins
    A Hollywood director tries to fool Columbo when a studio becomes a murder scene.
  • Sex and the Married Detective
    Episode 394 mins
    The disheveled detective gets some free advice from a world famous sex therapist.
  • Grand Deceptions
    Episode 494 mins
    The detective is called in to investigate the death of a sergeant major at a training camp.
  • Murder, a Self Portrait
    Episode 192 mins
    Homicide detective Lieutenant Columbo investigates the murder of a famous painter's ex-wife.
  • Columbo Cries Wolf
    Episode 296 mins
    Columbo investigates the disappearance of the director of a men's magazine.
  • Agenda for Murder
    Episode 396 mins
    The disheveled detective investigates the apparent suicide of a notorious racketeer.
  • Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo
    Episode 497 mins
    The widow of a crooked estate agent vows to exact her revenge on the two men that put him in prison.
  • Uneasy Lies the Crown
    Episode 596 mins
    A dentist frames his wife for a murder in order to keep up his image and expensive lifestyle.
  • Murder in Malibu
    Episode 694 mins
    A famous romance novelist is shot dead in the course of what looks like a robbery.
  • Columbo Goes to College
    Episode 193 mins
    The rumpled lieutenant is invited to give a college lecture on criminology.
  • Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
    Episode 290 mins
    Columbo investigates the murder of a crime show host's rival with incriminating evidence.
  • Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star
    Episode 395 mins
    Columbo is put to the test against an criminal defence lawyer who murders his girlfriend.
  • Death Hits the Jackpot
    Episode 496 mins
    A police detective questions a jewelry-store owner whose late nephew had a winning lottery ticket.
  • No Time to Die
    Episode 591 mins
    Columbo attends his nephew's wedding and the bride disappears before the honeymoon.
  • A Bird in the Hand...
    Episode 693 mins
    Columbo investigates a hit and run, followed by a car explosion.
  • It's All in the Game
    Episode 795 mins
    Two women kill their two-timing lover, but both have solid alibis.
  • Butterfly in Shades of Grey
    Episode 892 mins
    Columbo investigates a case involving argumentative radio talk show host Fielding Chase.
  • Undercover
    Episode 993 mins
    The dishevelled detective sets out to solve an unusual double murder.
  • Strange Bedfellows
    Episode 1093 mins
    The detective is put on the case of a man who murders his brother.
  • A Trace of Murder
    Episode 1192 mins
    A forensics specialist helps his girlfriend to frame her husband for a stock broker's murder.
  • Ashes to Ashes
    Episode 1290 mins
    The inimitable cop must prove that a gossip reporter was murdered by her former lover.
  • Murder With Too Many Notes
    Episode 1389 mins
    A Hollywood film composer and conductor murders a talented, young musician out of jealousy.
  • Columbo Likes the Nightlife
    Episode 1488 mins
    Columbo investigates the apparent suicide of a tabloid reporter in the Los Angeles rave scene.

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