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  • Pep Rally
    Episode 126 mins
    Rhyme and her friends have always danced together, but this year there's a new girl in town and only three spots on the team.
  • Halloween
    Episode 226 mins
    The Chicken Girls are back; friends new and old come together for Ace's big bash.
  • Say Anything
    Episode 322 mins
    Birdie turns up the heat against Power Surge and Kayla finally comes clean to Ellie.
  • Stronger in Numbers
    Episode 423 mins
    Ellie is pulled in two directions as the Dance Team battles Power Surge.
  • Gone West
    Episode 126 mins
    The gang encounters new faces in California, while back home a plan is hatched.
  • Surf's Up
    Episode 233 mins
    Back home, the girls go door-to-door to save the Arcade, while Rhyme and T.K. explore new passions.
  • Save the Arcade
    Episode 326 mins
    With time running out, the girls of Attaway stage a last ditch effort to save the Arcade.
  • More the Merrier
    Episode 424 mins
    At sign-ups in Millwood, the girls are thrown a curveball; Power Surge plays dirty, while Tim Sharp scores a juicy scoop.
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven
    Episode 525 mins
    Harmony helps Rhyme make up her mind, and Flash goes out for the team.
  • State
    Episode 621 mins
    The Attaway team faces stiff competition.
  • Bring It On
    Episode 118 mins
    Rhyme and T. K. face difficult choices on their first day of high school.
  • My Fair Lady
    Episode 226 mins
    New extracurriculars pull Rhyme and Ellie in unexpected directions.
  • Mamma Mia!
    Episode 325 mins
    Birdie’s new relationship takes an unexpected turn; a scandal at the pep rally leaves everyone suspicious of Robby.
  • Little Shop of Horrors
    Episode 423 mins
    When her classmates fall ill, Rhyme takes on a bigger role in the musical; things get spooky at Ace's annual Halloween party.
  • Wicked
    Episode 527 mins
    The pep rally vandals get caught; a disastrous double date and a returning leading lady put two relationships in jeopardy.
  • Bye Bye Birdie
    Episode 624 mins
    Birdie's flown the coop, and everyone comes together for Thanksgiving; the Chicken Girls take on the Queen B's at the Winter Formal.
  • Rodeo and Juliet
    Episode 727 mins
    It's the day of the fall musical and the show must go on.
  • Flour Babies
    Episode 118 mins
    A home economics project whips up drama for the girls.
  • Flew the Coop
    Episode 225 mins
    Rhyme accidentally becomes the leader of Attaway's feminist movement.
  • The Stench
    Episode 322 mins
    The Attaway Appeal investigates a mysterious school-wide stench; the Chicken Girls are fed up with the boys in their lives.
  • You're Invited
    Episode 424 mins
    The romantic triangle between Rhyme, Rooney and Drake reaches a tipping point.
  • No Escape
    Episode 525 mins
    Quinn invites the girls to an escape room, but only if they set their differences aside.
  • Mr. Attaway
    Episode 625 mins
    The boys vie for the title of Mr. Attaway.
  • The Other Guy
    Episode 125 mins
    New drama and new crushes in the new semester at Attaway.
  • Game Day
    Episode 225 mins
    Quinn has a tough time moving on after her breakup with Hamilton; new texts shed light on Rooney's dilemma with Stephanie.
  • The Trenches
    Episode 329 mins
    Rhyme and Astrid try to set aside their disagreements, Rooney looks for a way to cope with her heartbreak and burgeoning identity.
  • Houseguests
    Episode 426 mins
    Astrid's mother comes to visit and brings more baggage than Rhyme could've anticipated.
  • Someone Else
    Episode 517 mins
    Birdie gets caught between a rock and a hard place when an old flame reappears and brings some painful memories along with him.
  • Fun and Glory
    Episode 631 mins
    The truth comes out when Rooney makes an important announcement in front of everyone at her photo gallery; Rhyme confronts her own drama.
  • Resolutions
    Episode 124 mins
    It's a new year in Attaway with new faces, new drama -- and old flames.
  • Spin the Bottle
    Episode 222 mins
    Rhyme is invited to a party that causes her to test her morals and question her friendships; T.K. makes a surprising new friendship.
  • Never Have I Ever
    Episode 322 mins
    Rhyme tries to reconcile with her friends by hosting a sleepover party; things take a turn for the not-so-fun.
  • Movie Magic
    Episode 422 mins
    Drama is at an all-time high at Attaway.
  • Fly So High
    Episode 525 mins
    A prank turns dangerous; graduation leads to goodbyes for some and new beginnings for others.

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